Dolly Parton's 'Grace and Frankie' Cameo Revealed in Series Finale

The legendary performer made an ethereal guest appearance to round out the long-awaited '9 to 5' reunion.

Dolly Parton made her long-awaited guest appearance on the Grace and Frankie series finale -- finally completing the 9 to 5 reunion with her friends and co-stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin!

In the finale, which debuted Friday on Netflix, Parton made her cameo as what else? An angel. She appears in an all-white office building, aka the afterlife, following a mishap during Coyote's wedding which leads to Grace (Fonda) and Frankie (Tomlin) accidentally electrocuting themselves.

At first, the pair mistake her for God, with Frankie opining, "You look just like I knew you would!"

"I'm not the Almighty," Parton's character, named Agnes, assures. "Just a working-class angel. I haven't had a promotion in 250 years, but the benefits are heaven!"

After some pleading, it's determined that Grace is there by accident, but Frankie isn't. However, the pair are able to convince Agnes of their meaningful bond and ultimately, she agrees to turn her back, so Frankie can also stamp her file with a "RETURN" label, granting them both another chance at life on Earth. 

Fonda and Tomlin spoke with ET about their final season and Parton's cameo at the Grace and Frankie ATAS premiere event in Hollywood earlier this week, with Fonda calling Parton's angelic role "just beyond perfect."

"We were both just so moved when she turned that chair around and there she was," she added.

The pair were also emotional about how much they would miss working together and how proud they were of the show, which featured a rare look at life in your later years. 

"The writing is good, and we are truly, in real life, friends, and that shows, I think," Tomlin said. "I think that it brings hope to people. It makes them less afraid about getting old. Well, if those two women can survive that kind of trauma that happened in the first episode, then maybe I'll be OK kind of thing."

See more from the pair in the video below. Grace and Frankie's final season is streaming now on Netflix.