Dove Cameron Opens Up About Going to Therapy: 'Needing Help Is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of'

The Disney Channel star gets candid about the hardships in her life, and the importance of taking care of yourself.

Dove Cameron is opening up about the benefits of therapy.

The Descendants star took to Twitter on Tuesday to remind her fans to "take care" of themselves and to "prioritize" their mental health.

"Just out of another therapy/intensive trauma session. feeling a bit lighter, but also heavily reminded of just how much real work i have to do/pain i have to untangle. this life is hard, y’all. and mental health/needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. take care of yourselves.? " Cameron, 23, first tweeted.

"Also: i know therapy isn’t something everyone has access to/can afford, & i wish that wasn’t the case," she continued in a second tweet. "But in whatever way you can, whatever you have access to; please prioritize your inner state/mental health. before you can help anyone else, you must help yourself. you matter."

It's been a difficult and heartbreaking year for Cameron, who has been coping with the death of her close pal and former co-star, Cameron Boyce, who died in his sleep after complications with epilepsy on July 6. 

"From that first day onward, Cameron was my friend and he treated me like he treated everyone else; like they were the most important person in the room," Cameron expressed about her late friend in an interview with Teen Vogue. "I loved him like a brother, and I learned from him every day, how to be joyful, how to be resilient, how to be patient, no matter the circumstances. I couldn't begin to quantify the wisdom and generosity that this kid had. I still learn from him every day."

Cameron continued by sharing that the entire Descendants cast has been supporting each other throughout this tumultuous time.

"Me, Boo Boo, Cam and Sofia [Carson] still have our core 4 group chat active and open, as we have for 5 years," she revealed. "It's hard when there are no adequate words to express the pain we are all feeling, but the usual text is 'love you.' Or 'Are you eating?' Or 'How are we all today?' I think something like this horrible loss makes you realize how important you are all to each other. I am grateful for my chosen family at a time like this."

Cameron has also posted on Instagram about her grief, telling fans that it's OK to feel sad and down, as well as reflecting on all the good her friend did for others. She also sat down with ET earlier this month, where she opened up about the future of Descendants, her new music and her relationship with boyfriend Thomas Doherty. See more in the video above. 



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