Dove Cameron Tears Up Over Finding Love With Thomas Doherty (Exclusive)

'It just feels like we both overflow for each other in terms of relationship energy.'

Dove Cameron is gushing over her man!

ET recently chatted with the 23-year-old actress and singer, who couldn't help but get sappy about her beau, Thomas Doherty. During the interview, Cameron watched a clip of Doherty telling ET that Cameron is definitely the one, adding that his girlfriend is "the most incredible person I've ever met." 

The adorable moment made Cameron teary-eyed and even led her to tell ET's Katie Krause that she's "super emotional and embarrassing" when it comes to Doherty.

"I cry, like, every day when I'm with him because... he's just the most pure, loving, selfless, generous, kind [person]," she says. "His life is about the people that he loves and I feel so lucky to be loved by someone like that."

Cameron went on to share that she fully recognized Doherty's many positive qualities when she visited him in London and had "a breakdown."

"We weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend. We were just dating," she says of her relationship status while on the trip. "We made eye contact and I burst into tears. He was like, 'What is going on with you?' And I was like, 'I just don't think I ever thought I would have the privilege to feel so seen by anybody." 

"I always told my mom when I was little, 'I think I am going to be alone for my life,' because I never thought anybody would understand me or I knew people read me wrong, even when I was little," she adds. "And so, meeting Thomas... it was like, 'Oh, there you are.' I know that we are three years in, but it feels like this every day."

Despite their loving relationship, Cameron did say that she and Doherty still "have to work at it," especially as a long-distance couple.

"Long-distance is hard. We fly out to see each other all the time, even just for a few days," she shares. "But I think it comes down to the fact that... because we are both givers, and we are also best friends, it just happens to be the most healthy, most wonderful [relationship]. It just feels like we both overflow for each other in terms of relationship energy."

Cameron was also quick to confirm that Doherty is definitely "the one," adding that, if she did ever decide to get married, it'd be to him.

"I go back and forth on whether that is a thing that I even want to do," she admits of marriage. "I think, if I'm going to marry anyone, it's going to be him."

Though Doherty has certainly influenced Cameron's life in many ways, her latest song, "So Good," was not inspired by her beau.

"Thomas has nothing to do with 'So Good,'" she says of the track, which she dropped, along with a video, last week. "If you listen, it's more a celebration of the end of a relationship!"

Cameron also noted that she's "really happy" that the song, which she equates to "a diary entry," is finally out in the world, before revealing when she's "so good" in her own life.

"My phases of being good and being bad are ebb and flow. I can be absolutely stable, phenomenal, wonderful, for weeks and be like, 'Wow, this is it. I am tapped in. This is who I am,' and then drop," she explains. "It can happen with no warning and I think that's what life looks like these days. I think it's how I'm wired."

"I would say overall right now, I am good," she continues. "I think a lot of that has to do with music and stepping in my own and as a creative, and stepping into my own as someone who calls [the] shots... You kind of just build this relationship of trust with yourself and you become more creative and it really feeds into developing you as a person."