Thomas Doherty Says Girlfriend Dove Cameron Is the One: 'She's Amazing' (Exclusive)

'She is just the most incredible person I've ever met.'

Thomas Doherty can't help but gush over his girlfriend!

ET's Katie Krause spoke with the 24-year-old actor and he wasn't shy about expressing his love for his girlfriend, Dove Cameron, whom he considers to be the one.

"She is just the most incredible person I've ever met," he says. "I think people see her as so talented -- because obviously that's her job, to perform and all the rest of it -- but she's the most compassionate and the most patient and the most genuine, loving person I've ever met. And so kind and so generous. She's amazing. She really is."

"She's so lovely. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body," he adds of Cameron, with whom he's about to celebrate his third anniversary by partaking in "loads and loads of donuts and pizza."

The cute couple previously co-starred in Disney Channel's Descendants franchise and Doherty revealed how he hopes to share the screen with his real-life girlfriend again.

"There's talk about Wicked for Dove for Glinda, but no one's been mentioning Fiyero, so... I'm just saying. I gotta start pushing it," he says, alluding to rumors that Cameron could take on the leading role in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway hit, while also putting himself up for the male lead in the show.

"... I saw [Wicked] about six times on the West End and then I saw it once on Broadway. And I love it. I'm ready!" he notes, before sharing his and Cameron's favorite songs in the musical.

"She's always singing 'Wizard and I' [and] I know 'Popular' by heart," he reveals.

Cameron would definitely be up for the task of taking on the role of Glinda, as she previously told ET it'd be "the role of a lifetime."

"I've been dreaming of it since I was, like, 7. I mean, I should be so lucky to be considered," Cameron said in February. "I'm a massive fan, so it'd be a huge responsibility and I would be lucky to be considered!" 

While the Wicked casting is still up in the air, Doherty's latest flick, High Strung Free Dance, is out now. In the film, Doherty stars as Zander Raines, a choreographer who's casting a highly anticipated Broadway show.

"I was drawn to the character instantly. I thought the character was really fun. He was kind of darker, a little bit more mysterious. And also he was passionate about dance and what he did," Doherty says. "But also the added element of dance for this was something that I've always loved in films ... It's another amazing way to tell a story, so I was really drawn to that."

High Strung Free Dance is in theaters now.