'Drag Race' All Star Trinity the Tuck Is an Alien Sex Goddess in Her First Music Video (Exclusive)

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The body is back from outer space.

Trinity the Tuck has been serving body-ody-ody with a side dish of comedy all season long on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4, and now she's combining the two, plus an out-of-this-world, cerebral concept, for her first music video. ET has the premiere of "The Face, The Body," and let me just say: The Tuck has something unexpected in store for the kids.

The seven-minute long opus sees Trinity as an extraterritorial goddess who sends an alien clone down to Earth to seduce the world. Which translates to plenty of gag-worthy fashion and gag-inducing goo. (Check out the exclusive making of the video above.) "It's been a long process and something I've wanted to do for a while," Trinity says by phone. "I'm really, really excited." Watch the video below and scroll on for our conversation about her upcoming album, more twists in store for All Stars 4 and tea on the season 11 queens.

ET: Ru Girls have been releasing tracks and music videos since the dawn of Drag Race. Did you reach out to any of your sisters for advice before embarking on this? Or take inspiration from anyone in particular?

Trinity the Tuck: I didn't really follow any advice from anyone, as far as any of the girls, for this particular video. The thing I did want to do is know what I've seen in the past and I knew, "OK, I want better quality than that," or "I need to be up to par with this person." Music is not, like-- I'm obviously not, you know, a vocalist. And that's not what I'm trying to accomplish here. I'm trying to produce content and art and I just wanted to do something really fierce and something super high quality.

Where did the concept for this video come from?

Well, there's a big explanation for the concept. It's about this higher being creating this clone to send to Earth, and the clone becomes the perfect woman and takes over with sex. It's, like, the story of the drag queen. Like, what does the drag queen do? The higher being is who I am, which is Ryan, and I create this perfect woman and in the night life and in entertainment period, we just take it over. That's what we do. So, it's kind of metaphoric for that. But, I mean, most people aren't going to get that. They're just going to say, Oh my God, It's amazing. Hot boys, amazing fashion, a drag queen. We love it.

Did you cast all of the naked gentlemen in the video yourself?

This was definitely a, you know, come sit on the producer's chair if you want in the video kind of thing. [Laughs] No, we did a major casting call for all types of people, and luckily we had some majorly attractive menseses of all shapes, sizes. You want smooth, you want hairy-- we have all that there. I was super happy. I was in the middle of all of it. So, you can only imagine.

Then to go from that that to the alien birthing scene. What was it like filming that, covered in lord knows what, with that umbilical cord dildo thing in your mouth?

It was awful! Wait till you see the behind the scenes video. It's awful! I now know what a penis feels like in a condom. [Laughs] The contraption I'm in is a weather balloon, so I had to squeeze myself in this tiny hole and the goo is, like, this clear hair gel mixed with some coloring. Now, that sounds cool and sounds like it's not a big thing, but you're encapsulated in this thing that does not breathe, which is the latex, and the hair gel is made with alcohol so it, like, started burning my lungs while I was in there. That's why we had that tube is for me to be able to actually breathe, because it was toxic.

How long does that take to wash off at the end of the day?

Oh, my goodness! Because it was so clingy and slimy-- I did the shower scene right after that and when I'm washing it off in the video, I'm literally washing it off. It was just so much, because it was so thick. It was gross, but it looked amazing. It's like a giant just came all over me. [Laughs] I don't know if I can say that or not...

In the making of footage, your music video director, Tyler Stone, says he produced your album. Are we getting a full body of work following this?

Yes! Actually, we are adding to this album, so there are several producers on the album. He's one of the main ones that did a majority of the songs. He's super talented. You're getting a full album. I'm gone from Alabama, so I can't really count but I think there's either eight or nine tracks, plus some really funny in-betweens. You're gonna love the album. I like to say it's like dance camp, because there's some fun stuff and then some fierce dance stuff. It's so fun. It's gonna be great.

Does the album have a name yet?

Yes, it's call Plastic. I mean, obviously.

Obviously. This is the third music video to come out of this season of All Stars, after "Brown Cow Stunning" and "Pose." Have you gotten into the studio with Monique Heart or Naomi Smalls or any of the other girls?

I think we all are super-duper busy right now with our own thing. I definitely want to separate myself a little bit away from All Stars, as far as, like, I want this to be a branding for me and something that will last longer than just right now. But there are some amazing collaborations that are going to be on the album: Peppermint is in one of them, Aja is in one of them, and Alaska is in one of them. We're filming the second music video coming up in New York and that's the one that Peppermint is featured in. It's going to be super-duper fun.

While I have you, I have to ask about All Stars. We're deep into it now. Latrice is back. Who are you seeing as your biggest competition these days?

The weird, crazy thing about All Stars is it doesn't matter who your competition is, because your competition can be eliminated literally the next day -- or you could eliminate your competition, or you could be eliminated. It has nothing to do with how good you are or how good you do. Your fate is in the hands of these other girls, and depending on how they want to play the game is how it's gonna happen. As far as who I personally think up until this point is my competition that's doing the best? For sure Manila. One-hundred percent, no questions asked. She is the epitome of a drag queen who is great at the game of Drag Race.

I know that being nervous about LaLaPaRUza was not your narrative last week.

Oh my gosh.

But you did all seem gagged at the eliminated queens returning. Is that the biggest surprise of the season? Or are their bigger surprises coming up?

I definitely think that LaLaPaRUza was a gag, as far as the returning girls coming back. That is the biggest twist of the season but, oh, honey! There is another, like, thing that made me gag. Like a, "What? How?" moment. I think everybody's gonna be like, "Whaaaaaat?" soon.

You are absolutely slaying this season. But All Stars has been criticized because all of the winners are blonde, white queens. Were you at all concerned about that when you signed on to All Stars 4?

Absolutely! Absolutely! I think that is something that should be on everyone's mind, is the fact that we do need to have a very diverse cast and cater to everyone. The one thing I will say is I don't feel like it's been handpicked by Drag Race that they've had [these] winners. It's just been the happenstance of, Well, Chad won the first one. Alaska obviously won the second one. Unfortunately, there was a twist that the cast of All Stars 3 chose to not have Shangela in the top two. So, that was the cast. Out of the two Trixie [Mattel] won. She had the best track record.

So, I think that people need to remember that they judge fairly and they pick who does the best out of who is left. But I do think that it's important that we continue this open dialogue if we want more POC. We want more trans. Because that is part of the drag culture. I mean, a huge part of drag culture is trans women. A huge parts of drag culture is people of all ethnicities. Like, the balls, which are huge influences on drag today, were predominantly people of color. I think that's important.

Lastly, the season 11 queens were RuVealed this week. Is there anyone you're rooting for out of that crop of girls?

Oh my gosh! There are several girls. I'm not familiar with a lot of them, actually, but I love Mercedes [Iman Diamond]. I met her before and she's super-duper sweet. Super, super love Nina West. I love Brooke Lynn Hytes. She's fierce. Let me tell you, she is fierce. I think the personality of this season is definitely going to be Silky. And obviously I'm excited to see Miss Vanjjjjiiiieee.

I already stan Silky Ganache.

She is crazy! [Laughs] And you know what? It's time that a big girl wins! I don't know the tea about this season, but she has the personality and that is over half the battle.

Tune into the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars on Friday at 8p.m. ET on VH1.


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