Drew Barrymore’s 7-Year-Old Daughter Olive Takes Her Photos for a Magazine Cover and It’s Impressive!

Drew Barrymore
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

The actress appears on the cover of Britain's 'The Sunday Times Style' magazine.

Drew Barrymore's 7-year-old daughter, Olive, has a real talent for photography! The eldest child of Barrymore and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, stepped in to serve as her 45-year-old famous mom's photographer for a new magazine cover. 

Barrymore shares some behind-the-scenes photos of her beach shoot with Olive behind the camera for Britain's The Sunday Times Style magazine. The Blended actress also releases the conversation she and Olive had before taking the photos in which she told her daughter that she would be shooting images for a magazine that "people work years to shoot for." 

"OLIVE: Why are you asking me to shoot you mom? And who normally shoots you?  ME: A photographer. But right now, the world is in a crazy place. Everything is an opportunity to do things differently! So what do you say? Do you want to be my photographer?" Barrymore recaps their conversation. "OLIVE: I’m honored to be your photographer. I like taking pictures, so thank you."

Barrymore jokes that she made her daughter promise "not to shoot me from below," and reveals that the magazine initially had a different shoot in mind. 

"When @theststyle and I talked about doing this piece, months ago, it was supposed to be about the fact that @flowerbeauty was expanding @superdrug and then it became an even more involved and personal piece .... and wait til you see what it evolved into... ready ... wait for it..." she wrote. 

In the behind-the-scenes shots, Olive isn't afraid to get up close and personal with her mom as she snaps photos while in the sand on the beach. Barrymore wears a variety of high fashion outfits for the shoot, striking a pose as her daughter rolls on the ground to get the perfect shot. 

Barrymore also shares the magazine's cover and interior shots taken by Olive. 

"I’m very proud of this very personal piece and very grateful to @sundaytimeslorraine and the whole team at the @theststyle for allowing us to make this a true family affair!!!!!" the actress writes.

In the cover story, which is a personal essay penned by Barrymore herself, she opens up about her daughter's similar love of fashion and eccentric style. 

"She always has different colored hair. She loves to change it — the bluer to pinker the better," she says of Olive. "The morning of our shoot she found my black eyeliner and drew all over her face like an alternative rock star. She even alters her own clothes with scissors and safety pins (I’ve got my own Little Edie!)."

She also teases Olive, calling her "the world’s smallest and moodiest photographer." 

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