Drew Scott Shares Details About His Upcoming Wedding, Teases First Dance Will Be a 'Mashup' (Exclusive)


The 'Property Brothers' star tells ET his 'Dancing With the Stars' partner, Emma Slater, is choreographing a special piece for the ceremony.

Drew Scott is sharing new details about his upcoming nuptials with Linda Phan!

ET spoke with the Property Brothers star over the phone during a break from his rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars last week, where he gave us the scoop on how he and his fiancée are taking time out of their ultra-busy schedules to plan the wedding.

"To be honest, our lives are always busy. But nothing is ever going to let me slow down on tying the knot with the woman that I love," he gushed. "We don't want to slow down. We're still doing spring of next year."

"We've narrowed down the location. We're doing a wedding in Europe, but we haven't exactly picked a final city yet," he continued. "Once we do, then everyone will hear about it!"

The Canadian TV star joked that he's already waited far too long to marry Linda, who works as a member of Scott Brothers Entertainment, the production team Drew shares with his twin brother, Jonathan Scott.

"My brother keeps making fun of me," Drew revealed. "He's like, 'Oh, Drew's got the worst award for commitment. Eight years to actually wrap things up for this girl that he knew he loved from the first day they met.'"

Although DWTS is taking up quite a chunk of Drew's time right now, he says the experience is all "worth it," knowing that he'll be able to show off a new set of dance skills during the ceremony. Even if he doesn't take home the mirrorball trophy this season, he'll still leave the competition show with a win -- all because his partner, Emma Slater, is choreographing his first dance, with help from her fiancé, Sasha Farber!

"Linda pops in every now and then, when Emma and I are warming up or wrapping up our rehearsals," he explained. "We actually brought Emma and Sasha onto one of our shows, Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House. That's going to air Nov. 22 on HGTV."

"In one of the episodes, we actually have Emma and Sasha in it, and they're teaching us our first dance," he added. "Linda and I want to do a mashup. Right now we're super busy with DWTS, but Emma is going to continue working with us because we want to be able to learn a little swing, a little bit of jazz or Charleston or hip-hop. It's so fun. Dance is just addicting."

Drew says Linda seems to love dance just as much as he does, if not more. In fact, if given the opportunity, Linda would join DWTS in a heartbeat!

"Oh, she would love that," he said. "She actually picks stuff up really fast. She's way more coordinated than I am."

"It's funny to me, because I'll be struggling on some step, and she just kinda steps in like, 'Oh, like this?' And she gets it the first time," he added. "I'm like, 'Dammit!'"

This week, Drew will be taking on two dances during week eight of DWTS -- his individual routine with Emma, and a Trio Night dance with reigning mirrorball champion Rashad Jennings. So, is he at all nervous about performing next to the former NFL star?

"Oh, hell no!" Drew told ET in a separate interview on Thursday. "There's no nervousness here. He is such an easygoing and cool guy, and he has such good rhythm… he's got groove just in his bones, so I think there's a lot that I can learn off of him."

"I'm excited, because the group dance [Monday] was epic. It was so much fun," he continued. "With Rashad, this is going to be a different type of team dance, and I'm super excited for it."

As ET previously reported, Drew proposed to Linda last December at Toronto's Piano Piano restaurant in Canada after carrying around the engagement ring for weeks.

The reality star's rep told ET at the time that Drew recorded his own version of Train's "Marry Me" to play in the restaurant as he got down on one knee. The ring came out on a custom cake from La Dolci made in the fashion of Dr. Seuss, Linda's favorite book series.

Hear more on the dreamy proposal in the video below!