Dwayne Johnson Enlists Jason Momoa to Give His Daughter Tia a Special Birthday Message

The 3-year-old cutie is obsessed with Aquaman, and despite his wounded ego, her dad came through.

Dwayne Johnson put his ego aside for his youngest daughter, Tia! The 3-year-old cutie is obsessed with Aquaman these days, so for her birthday over the weekend, Johnson, 48, decided to call in a favor with fellow action star Jason Momoa, who plays the DC superhero. 

In a sweet birthday post to Tia, Johnson noted that the tiny tot is starting to develop some favorites. 

"Now that she’s finally starting to understand that daddy is Maui from MOANA, she has one very important question — 'Daddy do you know AquaMan?' 😂," he shared. 

The action star didn't let it get him down. He shared another funny video with Tia watching Aquaman, in which she declared the nautical superhero as the "coolest."

"She didn’t even wait til I finished the question, before answering definitively, 'AquaMan' 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️," Johnson wrote when asking his daughter, "Who's cooler, Daddy or Aquaman?" Johnson took it all in stride, adding, "The irony here just makes my soul laugh and heart smile 😊❤️"

Tia took it a step further on her birthday, making a special Aquaman-related request. 

"Now this is getting ridiculous...😠," Johnson captioned a picture of Tia with her Aquaman action figure and a handmade drawing of the superhero. "For Tia’s birthday she insisted AquaMan join us for breakfast — and then after we eat, she asked daddy to draw AquaMan so she can FRAME IT and hang it up in her room."

Johnson, who is getting ready for his debut as the Marvel anti-hero Black Adam, added, "Black Adam’s gonna hand out a fresh Aqua A** Whuppin’ if this disrespect keeps up ⚡️🤣"

Johnson put his pride aside though and got Momoa on a video call with his daughter. 

"I had to make the call... it’s what daddy’s do," he wrote. "I can’t thank my brother @prideofgypsies  enough for making this adoring 3yr old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about. I love you back, uso and this kind of stuff will ALWAYS be the best part of our fame."

In the clip, a thrilled Tia is over the moon when Momoa invites her to come and surf, rock climb, and play with his kids, Lola, 13, and Wolf, 12.