Dwayne Johnson Surprises Fans Posing for Pics at His New Wax Figure in Las Vegas

The actor was in town meeting his latest wax figure, which celebrates his Teremana tequila.

Dwayne Johnson's at it again doing what he does best -- making fans tremble with surprise appearances!

The Young Rock star shared video of an awesome encounter he had with a couple of fans who showed up to the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas to visit the actor's latest wax figure, which celebrates his Teremana tequila. In video Johnson posted on Instagram, you can see a couple of fans posing with the wax figure as the actor hides in the background.

As the picture's about to be snapped, Johnson races behind the fans, gets in the frame and raises a glass. Moments later, the fans turn around for the shock of their lives. "Oooh, oh my god!" one of the fans screams. Another's stunned in disbelief as he say, "Yo, no way!" When Johnson asks them how they're doing, one fan responds, "This is amazing. I'm trembling right now!"

"Love these dudes," Johnson captioned his post in part. He explained that he surprised a bunch of fans and gave them all their own bottle of Teremana tequila bottles in various flavors. Johnson also added that seeing fans ecstatic "will always be one of the coolest parts of my job."

Of course, surprising fans and family is kind of The Rock's specialty. 

Back in November, the Red Notice star surprised Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez with a brand new truck. Rodriguez was attending a viewing party for the actor's latest film when, out of nowhere, Johnson appeared onstage and called Rodriguez to the front of the theater.

"Your story really moved me because I heard that you're a personal trainer, you're always keeping it positive and motivational and optimistic," Johnson told Rodriguez. "You're a leader in your church. you support and help make meals for women victims who've been abused by domestic violence. That's really amazing work. I love that. You take care of your mom who's 75. Come on, man, mama's boys."

One month after that amazing surprise, Johnson also surprised his mom with a brand new Cadillac SUV for Christmas.

Johnson, you rock!