'DWTS': Witney Carson Teases Milo Manheim About His Ballroom Crush and His Love for Kendall Jenner (Exclusive)

ET caught up with #TeamWitlo following their nearly flawless salsa with Riker Lynch during Monday's Trio Night.

Milo Manheim is single and looking for love!

ET caught up with the Disney star and his pro partner, Witney Carson, following their nearly flawless Trio Night salsa with Riker Lynch on Monday's Dancing With the Stars, where they gave us an update on the 17-year-old's dating life.

Following all the support Milo received from the Kardashian-Jenner clan on social media last week, the Zombies star really, really wants his celeb crush, Kendall Jenner, to come to the ballroom.

"Yo, Kendall, if you're listening, girl, I'm right here," Milo joked to ET's Katie Krause. "I'm single. I'm ready to go!" 

While his crush on Kendall turning into an actual relationship may be unrealistic, Witney says she's been trying to play matchmaker for her dance partner. And she's hoping to pair him up with someone who's closer to his age, and available!

"Witney has been trying to set me up with people all week," Milo, who also revealed he'll be dancing to an Incredibles-themed routine for next week's Disney Night, explained. "We both know exactly who she's thinking of right now, but we're not gonna say it..."

Witney then chimed in, providing a few clues as to who this ballroom crush could be. "It was a guest," the pro dancer teased. "She was here."

According to Witney's most telling clue, Milo's crush is the sister of someone who danced during Trio Night. Though neither confirmed who exactly that is, we've locked in our best predictions. If you need a little help remembering everyone who performed on Monday, check out ET's full recap here.

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