'Dancing With the Stars' Sends Home One of the Highest Scoring Couples After Trio Week -- Find Out Who!

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Dancing With the Stars' Trio Night is sure to be an entertaining one!

As the remaining contestants enter week four of the dance competition show on Monday, they are joined by an additional star to take part in this week's dance. This season, many of the the guest trio partners are former DWTS contestants, while others are friends and colleagues of the celebrities competing for the season 27 Mirrorball trophy.

ET is live blogging all the action in the ballroom  -- including which dance duo goes home at the end of the night -- so be sure to follow along with us here as we break it all down!

And the Couple Going Home Is...

7:00 PM:

Somehow, despite all reason and logic, the two stars in jeopardy were Tinashe and Evanna (despite having some of the highest scores of the night, as well as the whole freakin' season!)

Ultimately, it was Tinashe who got the axe. She seemed close to tears but kept her smile as she and Brandon shared their thanks with Tom and Erin after the shocking elimination.

The gracious duo took a bow at center stage and were embraced in a huge group hug by all of the other shocked couples.

Bobby's MC Hammer Tribute Is Really Something

6:54 PM:

With Grocery Store Joe's performance baffling the judges just minutes ago, there's a lot of pressure off Bobby, and that might be the best thing for his tribute to M.C. Hammer.

Bobby and Sharna teamed up with musician and DWTS runner-up Lindsey Stirling for an amazing Cha Cha set to the artist's iconic "U Can't Touch This."

All the while, Bobby was decked out in hammer pants and huge gold chains and it was bonkers.

While there are aspects of the performance that are hard to evaluate, you cannot deny how much fun Bobby was having just dancing his heart out alongside two people he absolutely loves.

And Bobby's wild energy and untamable enthusiasm came forward while defending his dance to the judges, who awarded the trio a disappointed (but deserved) 17 out of 30.

Alexis, Alan and Maddie Ziegler Bring Color to Their Trio Dance

6:47 PM:

When Alexis and Maddie came together for the trio dance, it was clear that it was going to be something special, and under the precise coaching of Alan Bersten, they brought real power to the DWTS stage.

For their tango, set to "Move Your Body" by Sia, the trio came out backed by a psychedelic light show and they owned the stage with a dynamic number that incorporated a slew of elements which were simply captivating.

While host Tom Bergeron loved the number, Carrie Ann wasn't as thrilled with how they handled the "trio" aspect of their dance. After her feedback, Tom told the audience, "It's OK! You can boo louder than that!"

While Len had a luke-warm response as well, Bruno had nothing but love for the mesmerizing routine, and the group ended up earning a score of 25 out of 30. It's not their best score, but it's certainly nothing to feel bad about.

Joe, Jordan and Jenna Try Their Very Best

6:35 PM:

Grocery Store Joe has been getting by only on his charm and his Bachelor fandom.

So, for his trio dance -- a salsa set to "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred -- they were joined by Jordan Kimball, from Joe's season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Because of Jordan's dance prowess? Probably not. And it's definitely not because of his ability to rip off his white t-shirt, because that didn't work at all.

However, to distract everyone from Joe's inability to wow with his dance moves, Jenna (rocking the shortest daisy duke shorts that have ever been made) got a bunch of the troupe dancers -- and her boyfriend Val -- to strip off their shirts and writhe on a car in the background.

To close the dance out, Joe and Jordan took half-naked showers on stage and that was basically the whole thing.

As Bruno said, the dance was "a unique experience" but there was nothing that could really save it. Carrie Ann praised Jenna for doing the best she could, and Len actually found himself speechless.

Needless to say, while it might have been the most interesting dance of the night it also got the most savage scores: 15 out of 30, because the judges were actually feeling generous.

Milo Comes Out Looking for His 10

6:23 PM:

In the pre-taped package before Milo's dance, the 17-year-old Disney channel star minced no words when it came to being jealous over Juan Pablo's perfect score from last week, and his goal is to at least get his first 10 this time around.

It's hard to say he didn't come out trying his best with pro partner Witney and trio partner Riker Lynch (who himself was a DWTS runner-up). 

Dominating the stage with an energetic salsa number set to "Adrenalina” by Wisin feat. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin, the trio pulled out all the stops with their enthusiasm and footwork, and the judges ate it up.

Len said it the best dance of the night while Carrie Ann called it "perfect," and the pair ended up taking home a 29 out of 30 (with the only '9' coming from Len himself, whose standards are confusingly high).

The pair are easily at the top of the leaderboard and it's hard to imagine another couple taking the crown tonight, but anything's possible.

Mary Lou and Nastia Liukin Cut a Rug With Sasha

6:13 PM:

Coming off her best dance of the season, Mary Lou and Sasha returned to the DWTS stage with a little help from former contestant and fellow Olympian Nastia Liukin, and it was so much fun!

Busting out an impressive Charleston set to V.E.S.P.A." by Dimie Cat, the trio really brought a fun, retro vibe to the night and it was super impressive to see how fast Mary Lou could dance when she put her mind to it.

During the pre-taped package, Mary Lou was brought to tears by the pressure she puts on herself, but with some love from Sasha and Nastia, she managed to bring a whole new kind of energy to her routine this time around.

The judges were all clearly impressed by the group's efforts and they earned a score of 26 out of 30 -- which is their highest score of the season by far.

DeMarcus, Rashad and Lindsay Burn Down the Dance Floor

6:02 PM:

A broken finger wasn't ever going to keep DeMarcus down!

DeMarcus and Rashad tapped into their hyper-manly sides for a paso doble set to "Fire" by Barns Courtney, prompting Bruno to describe the dance as a "clash of the titans."

Flaunting their massive and impressive physiques, the two showed raw power in their dance -- matched perfectly by Lindsay -- which poetically recreated the gladiatorial battle that takes place on the grid iron.

One of the most impressive aspects of the whole dance came from Lindsay's effortless control of the routine, but the judges slammed the routine for not having enough precision and grace.

For the bombastic performance, the trio earned a 22 out of 30 -- which is one of the pair's lowest scores of the season, but still heads and tails above other scores we've seen and are going to see tonight.

The Moral of the Story Is: Don't Chest Bump

5:55 PM:

DeMarcus's broken finger played center stage in the pre-taped package, and it's impossible to imagine how random and freakish the injury was.

His trio partner Rashad Jennings, came up to give him a chest bump and somehow managed to kick his hand so hard he broke DeMarcus' finger. Good god! That X-ray was something we didn't need to see.

Evanna Keeps the 'Harry Potter' Fandom Happy With Trio Partner

5:48 PM:

Evanna has had no problem embracing her Harry Potter past, and this week she teamed up with former co-star and good friend Scarlett Byrne for her trio dance with partner Keo Motsepe.

The three dancers performed a surprisingly sexy salsa -- set to "Black Magic" by Little Mix -- and it was clear just how much chemistry the three have in real life and on the dance floor.

In the pre-taped package, the former co-stars clearly had the kind of bond that would clearly pay off in their routine, and the trio didn't disappoint.

Rocking silver, sequined-covered ensembles, the pair shimmered on the stage and Evanna got a lot of love for her ever-increasing ability to open up and get playful in her performances. However, the judges still had quite a few nitpicky critiques for the trio.

For their fun, flirty team-up, the dancers earned a formidable 24 out of 30. Not exactly the most magical number possible, but still plenty impressive.

Bull Fighting Trio

5:41 PM:

Artem Chigvintsev, Gleb Savchenko and Val Chmerkovskiy returned to the stage as sexy matadors for one of the steamiest returns from a commercial we've ever seen on DWTS.

It's hard to want to see the stars dance sometimes when the pros are just so freaking good.

Joey Fatone's Beard Steals the Spotlight

5:36 PM:

John and Emma were joined by the NSYNC star and his white, elfish beard for their trio dance in which he and the Dukes of Hazzard actor play Greek gods.

However, with their dark green tunic-style ensembles, they looked more like Robin Hood's merry men (while Emma definitely looked like a Greek goddess, but to be fair she always looks like that).

The trio danced an Argentine Tango set to the powerful and ethereal "Torn," by Nathan Lanier, and they pulled off a beautiful number -- eventually.

The dance started off rough when Emma's Medusa-inspired hair got caught in John's belt-latched costume, but once the violins kicked in the performance was truly elevated to a surprising new high.

While there was a lot of good to be said about their dance, the mistakes still took their toll.

The group earned a 21 out of 30, placing them at the bottom of the leaderboard at this point -- although Grocery Store Joe hasn't gone up yet, so there's still hope for John and Emma.

Tinashe Comes Back Strong

5:22 PM:

Last week, Tinashe and Brandon earned a 27, which was their highest score of the season thus far. They ended up on the chopping block anyway.

So, this week, it almost feels like it doesn't matter how well they dance if they aren't getting the votes they need, which has to be pretty demoralizing.

Possibly in an attempt to up the inspiration factor, the couple brought paralympian and former DWTS finalist Amy Purdy for their trio dance -- a tango set to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" from Rock of Ages -- and the whole number just hummed flawlessly.

Decked out in red suits, the courtroom-set routine was endless, high-energy fun and the trio format seemed to work perfectly to showcase Tinashe's dancing range.

As Carrie Ann said, the dance was "sexy for all the right reasons" and even Len had effusive praise for the dancers and for Brandon's choreography.

Ultimately, the pop singer, the first-time pro and their guest partner earned a score of 26 of out 30. Let's hope that this time around their scores actually play a role in whether or not they end up in jeopardy.

Juan Pablo Returns After Getting First Perfect Score

5:07 PM:

Juan Pablo and Cheryl hit the dance floor with former DWTSAll-Stars champ Melissa Rycroft for a super sexy Cha Cha --  set to "Wavey" by CliQ featuring Alika -- and he definitely brought the heat.

While there seemed to be some tension between Juan Pablo and Cheryl during rehearsals, there was nothing but stage-owning sexiness when they hit the stage.

The trio's dance earned rave reviews from the judges for the sultry routine and Juan Pablo's undeniable skill, but also pointed out one or two technical errors.

While their efforts didn't earn them another perfect score, they still took home a formidable 24 out of 30.

Trio Introductions

5:01 PM:

It's Trio Week, and it wasn't until all the trios were introduced in the bombastic (and crowded) opening introductions that the night really got exciting.

First of all, even though Val got axed last week, we all knew he'd be back almost immediately.

Second of all, Joey Fatone's insane Hobbit beard is 10 kinds of awesome.

Here we go for week 4!!

Injury Updates

5:00 PM:

Every season we see some stars get seriously injury, and this time around we're starting early. Former NFL star DeMarcus Ware broke his pinkie finger during rehearsals (in a freak accident involving a celebratory chest bump/hug with guest trio dance partner Rashad Jennings) and Bobby Bones has reportedly fractured his foot. We'll see tonight what impact these setbacks have on the DWTS contestants.

Looking Back At Who Went Home

4:58 PM:

The field of competitors was whittled down yet again at the end of last Monday's "Most Memorable Year" week, when it all came down to the bottom two couples in jeopardy: Nancy McKeon and partner Val Chmerkovskity as well as Tinashe and partner Brandon Armstrong.

Sadly, McKeon got the axe and was sent home (leaving her utterly and heartbreakingly speechless), meaning the Val vs. Jenna Johnson showdown producers were no-doubt looking for likely wont come to fruition.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the video below to see what happened when ET crashed Joe, Jenna and Jordan's rehearsal last week!


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