Ed Sheeran Shares the Sweet Reason Behind His New Look: 'I'm Healthier Than I've Ever Been'

The 30-year-old musician recently became a first-time dad.

Ed Sheeran is taking care of himself for the sake of his daughter. The 30-year-old British musician welcomed his first child, Lyra, nine months ago, and in that time, the "Bad Habits" singer has made his health a priority. 

Sheeran opened up about his transformation on Monday's The Late Late Show, where he will be having a week-long residency. 

"Well, I became a dad and I feel like my lifestyle shift has changed. Instead of going to bed at six [a.m.], I'm getting up at four," he explained of welcoming his little girl with his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

Sheeran is loving life as a dad, gushing, "It just feels like what life was meant to be. It's great. My days are structured." 

The major change in his life has led to positive fixes all around. 

"I'm healthier than I've ever been. I'm exercising every day," he shared. "I'm spending so much time at home making the record. Yeah, I feel like a human being. It's good."

Not only did baby Lyra inspire Sheeran to maintain a healthy lifestyle, she also helped him to get back into his passion of making music. 

"I didn't touch the guitar for months after my tour finished," he admitted of his massive 2017 to 2019 ÷ Tour. "I kind of had a crisis of confidence of I wanted to not work, but then I was like, 'Work is my hobby.' So I basically had to find different things that I had as hobbies so it wasn't just all [singing]. So I didn't touch a guitar for ages. Actually when Lyra was born, that's when I picked it up again and started singing to her."

But Sheeran doesn't just play the hits for his daughter. "I was brought up on traditional Irish folk music and being able to sing trad songs to her was really, really sweet," he shared. 

For more on Sheeran's new music, watch the clip below.