Eddie Cibrian Reflects on 10 Years of Marriage to LeAnn Rimes (Exclusive)

The 47-year-old actor tells ET that married life is 'wonderful.'

Eddie Cibrian can't help but gush over wife LeAnn Rimes! ET's Katie Krause spoke to the 47-year-old actor ahead of his 10-year wedding anniversary in April to the country star, and he shared his favorite things about his wife.

"You grow as a couple. Every day you find something else that you love about each other. It's wonderful," he said. "You have a real companion and somebody who's just there and [that you] trust with everything, they know everything. It's nice to have that."

In addition to their personal life together, Cibrian and Rimes teamed up professionally when she made a special appearance on his Netflix series, Country Comfort, which also stars Katharine McPhee.

The idea to include Rimes in the series, which follows a country singer (McPhee) who takes a job as a nanny to a cowboy's (Cibrian) five kids, came from showrunner Caryn Lucas.

"[Rimes] knew how much fun I was having on the show," Cibrian explained. "... Before the pandemic, she would come and watch the first couple episodes. She really, really liked the show. She didn’t hesitate at all. She said, 'I’d love to do it.'"

McPhee told ET that it "was great" having Rimes on the show, adding that there's an Coyote Ugly moment that was "fun" for everyone involved. As fans may recall, Rimes made a cameo in the 2000 cult classic and sang three of the songs on the movie's soundtrack.

"That was a fun episode. It was a good time," Cibrian agreed. "She had a great time. I think that the audience will see that episode and they're gonna enjoy it as well."

While Rimes had fun filming the show, when she and Cibrian sat down to watch the first six episodes she found herself unexpectedly emotional.

"Obviously there’s laughs and we wanna laugh, but [Rimes] cried as well. I think that's a real testament to the show... You really get invested in the characters in real life and what’s gonna happen next," Cibrian said. "I hope that resonates with everybody who watches the show."

Now that Cibrian's wife has appeared on the series, McPhee revealed that her husband, David Foster, is "always begging [Caryn Lucas] for a role on the show."

In real life, the couple welcomed a baby boy together not long after McPhee and Cibrian's joint ET interview. At the time, the actress-singer said she and Foster "feel great" about becoming parents and her pregnancy hadn't been too tough.

"I am a little short of breath here and there... Some days it's a walk in the park and other days it's like, 'Oh gosh, OK!' But I feel really good. I'm in a good place," she said. "... I'm kind of like mellow now. I had cravings early on. Cravings to have a baby and go back to work!"

Spending time with the kids she stars alongside on Country Comfort got McPhee even more excited for motherhood.

"Being on set with these kids every day on the show... seeing the different stages of their life is just something to look forward to," she said. "There's always going to be a different stage to look forward to as a new mom."

Should Country Comfort land a second season, McPhee is hoping for more "fantasy numbers" to make the show "as kooky as possible," while Cibrian is aiming for its "real levity and a realness" to continue.

"This is such a great job to walk on to. There's no drama, no politics, no nothing. Just feel-good material," McPhee said. "Overall, the vibe onset was the same as the material. So that's what we hope people feel when they watch the show."

Season one of Country Comfort premieres March 19 on Netflix.