Elizabeth Olsen Gives an Emotional Monologue in Touching 'Sorry for Your Loss' Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

Sorry for Your Loss Season 2
Facebook Watch

ET exclusively debuts a first look from Tuesday's episode.

The tables are turning on Elizabeth Olsen.

On the next episode of Facebook Watch's half-hour drama, Sorry for Your Loss, widower Leigh Shaw (Olsen) goes back to her late husband, Matt's, school when they hold a special memorial event honoring their teacher, but the day turns out to be far more emotional than she could ever have imagined as it takes an unlikely turn.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the latest installment, which launches Tuesday, Leigh -- attempting to move on from Matt's death -- is unexpectedly asked to say a few words in his memory in front of the class. The whole experience catches her off guard as she slowly walks up to the front of the classroom and finds the courage to speak some meaningful words of wisdom about Matt.

"When your husband dies... sorry, none of you have husbands," Leigh awkwardly says with a nervous laugh, struggling to start her impromptu speech over again. "When you lose someone, there's a hole in your life where the person was..."

When she catches sight of a student's downtrodden expression, clearly affected by their teacher's death, she bravely makes a confession: "I thought I knew what today was going to be, that I would come here and explain to you all how amazing my husband was. But you already knew that... The hole wasn't just in my life, it was here, too."

"I just hope that Matt knew how much he meant to all of you," Leigh says as she tries to keep her tears at bay, the tides turning a bit. "I'm sorry for your loss."

Watch ET's exclusive clip below.

ET spoke with creator Kit Steinkellner before the sophomore season launched, where she opened up about her approach for the new episodes.

"Season two really is about these characters, who have been knocked off their axis and out of orbit, re-orientating themselves and thinking about who they are going to be going forward. It is a complicated process, one that stops and starts, steps forwards and steps backwards," Steinkellner said. "For some characters, they really take big swings, make big moves and take charge for the future of their lives. It doesn't always look natural, healthy or functional, but what these people need to do in this moment is to be alive and to find meaning in their life."

New episodes of Sorry for Your Loss launch every Tuesday at 12 p.m. ET/PT on Facebook Watch.

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