Ellen DeGeneres Brought to Tears by Kid Motivational Speaker 'Coach Cal'

The host got emotional when 7-year-old Callan Perk, aka "Coach Cal," gave her a sweet pep talk.

Ellen DeGeneres gets emotional on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when 7-year-old Callan Perk, aka "Coach Cal," gives her a sweet pep talk.

Cal went viral in November with a video of him giving a pregame speech to the Peterborough Petes, a junior ice hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League, in their locker room. On Wednesday's show, he's as animated as ever, complete with constant hand gestures.

"I always want to think positive, so like, even if you're having a bad day, like, just go out there and get the W, no matter what time," he says of his thought process.

Cal then surprises Ellen with her very own pep talk that he's prepared.

"For 19 seasons, you have given your all on this stage," he tells the 63-year-old talk show host. "You danced, joked, you laughed, you cried and you gave hugs. So when it's time to say goodbye and turn off the lights, just remember that you, Ellen, will always get the W 'cause you have given whatever it takes to be you."

"So just keep working hard and stay positive and making people laugh 'cause you are a legend," he continues. "So let's get fired up, go out there and get the W, today and every day. Let's go Ellen!"

Ellen was touched by the speech and got visibly emotional, even tearing up.

"I have to say, I know a lot of fancy people, I know a lot of people, and what you just said to me means more to me than what I can possibly convey to you," she tells Cal through tears. "That was the sweetest -- I don't even know you -- but you are just a special little being with such a big heart and I thank you for that, that was the sweetest thing."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently in its final season. Back in May, Oprah Winfrey made a virtual appearance and gave Ellen advice about what she can expect after ending such a long-running show. Watch the video below for more.


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