Elon Musk Weighs in on Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Musk and Heard dated briefly but broke things off in 2017.

Elon Musk hopes his ex, Amber Heard, and Johnny Depp "move on" once the verdict is announced in the actor's defamation trial against his ex-wife.

The Tesla chief responded to podcast host Lex Fridman's tweet offering his takeaway from the trial. The podcast host, who is also a research scientist at MIT and has 1.4 million followers on Twitter, offered five bullet points.

"1. Fame is one hell of a drug (for some). 2. Psychiatrists & lawyers come in drastically varying levels of skill. 3. Lying to millions of people is something humans are capable of. 4. Love can be messy. 5. Mega pint of wine," the tweet read.

Musk responded to that tweet Friday night saying, "I hope they both move on. At their best, they are each incredible."

Musk and Heard dated briefly in 2017 after her divorce from the Pirates of the Caribbean star was finalized. Though their relationship didn't last long, Musk got roped into Heard's defamation trial, including when Terence Dougherty, the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of the ACLU, testified he believed Musk donated $500,000 on Heard's behalf.

Musk, who was initially listed as a potential witness but never took the stand, was also brought up recently when Depp returned to the stand. The actor referred to the SpaceX honcho as "mollusk" in a series of text messages shown in the courtroom. In one text Depp wrote, "Let’s see if mollusk has a pair… Come see me face to face…. I’ll show him things he’s never seen before…. Like, the other side of his d**k when I slice it off."

Heard and Depp's legal teams have rested their cases and each side delivered their closing arguments. The jury went into deliberations Friday afternoon but concluded after only two hours. They'll resume deliberations on Tuesday after the holiday.

Depp filed his defamation lawsuit against Heard in March 2019, in response to an op-ed Heard wrote for the Washington Post in December 2018 about being the victim of domestic violence. The article itself did not mention Depp by name, however, their contentious 2016 divorce had been in the news over the previous two years.