Emma Stone Has 'Punk Rock' Edge in First Look at 'Cruella' -- Pic!

Emma Stone
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Get your first glimpse at the Disney villain's origin story.

Cruella de Vil has arrived!

On Saturday, the very first image of the dastardly Dalmatian-stealing villainess' standalone film, Cruella, was released at D23, showcasing Oscar winner Emma Stone as the 101 Dalmatians character. 

Sporting the iconic monochromatic curls and clad in a leather jacket while standing before an ancient wall, the 30-year-old actress offers the camera her most devil-may-care sneer while holding three Dalmatians on leashes. There's undeniably edge to this incarnation of Cruella in comparison to Glenn Close's refined, fur-covered version in the 1996 live-action adaptation of the Disney classic.

Standing behind her are two henchmen, one sitting on a Vespa (Paul Walter Hauser) and the other glowering from under a stylish hat (Joel Fry). These two are presumably Jasper and Horace, Cruella's go-to minions when carrying out her nefarious deeds.

ET was on hand for the presentation on Saturday, where attendees were treated to a video from Stone and co-star Emma Thompson, who are across the pond filming the project, which will "take us back" to Cruella's earliest days of flouting the law. 

"It's 1970s, set in London -- can you get out of my eyeliner please?" Stone teased in the clip. "It's punk rock. A great cast."
At this point in the video, a bark erupts nearby and the camera turns to reveal a Dalmatian, to which Stone deadpans: "I can't work like this. I'm going back to my trailer."

The upcoming film will be directed by I,Tonya director Craig Gillespie.

Cruella is set to arrive in theaters on May 28, 2021.

John Boone contributed to this report.

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