'E.T.' Mom Dee Wallace Is Shocked in Precious First Grandchild Reveal

The 74-year-old actress has the sweetest reaction to the news that she's becoming a grandmother.

A real-life "scream queen" is living up to her title! Dee Wallace -- the 74-year-old star of hit '80s films E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and horror films The Howling, Cujo, and Critters -- got the ultimate surprise thanks to her daughter, Gabrielle Stone's, pregnancy announcement.

The 34-year-old author and actress took to TikTok to share the cute way she told her mom that she and her husband, actor Taymour Ghazi, were expecting their first child together.

"Watch me tell America's mom she's going to be a grandma," Gabrielle captioned the clip.

In the video, Dee is standing in a kitchen holding a loaf of bread. Gabrielle asks if her mom wants to put the bread back in the oven and she replies, "Not particularly."

"But if you did, what would it be, Mom?" Gabrielle presses.

"It would be a bun in the oven," Dee replies, before realizing what her daughter is saying.

The shocked actress throws the bread to the ground and lets out a precious scream of excitement, hugging her daughter.

@gabrielle_stone Would you expect anything less from the scream queen? 😂👶🏼♥️🫶🏼 @thedeewallace #pregnancyreveal #mom #deewallace ♬ original sound - Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle captioned the video, "Would you expect anything less from the scream queen?

Gabrielle is Dee's only child, making this her first grandchild. Gabrielle and Taymour tied the knot earlier this month, getting married in Dee's backyard.