Eugene and Daniel Levy Kick Off 2020 SAG Awards With Hilarious Father-Son Opening

Eugene Levy and Dan Levy speak onstage during the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Eugene Levy and son Daniel Levy may not be the official hosts of the 2020 SAG Awards, but they still kicked off the show with a hilarious intro that won fans over online. 

Like in previous years, the 26th annual SAG Awards started with a few actors sharing how their careers in performing arts began. First, Christina Applegate shared how she earned her SAG card via a 1976 indie film, followed by Cynthia Erivo detailing her first gig -- a local nativity play. But, it was Eugene sharing the longest speech ever about Mr. Whipple that keep the crowd laughing.  

"I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which was the Pittsburg of the North, big steel town," Eugene began. "The most popular actor to come out of my hometown was the guy that did all of those toilet paper commercials years ago, the guy who played Mr. Whipple."

"Mr. Whipple worked in a supermarket and every time he saw a customer squeeze the toiler paper to see how soft it was, it would infuriate him. He would glare at these people and say, 'Don't squeeze the Charmin!' And I used to laugh at that," Eugene hilariously continued. "I dreamt that maybe one day I could be the next Mr. Whipple."

"My name is Eugene Levy and another thought just occurred to me," he continued as the crowd laughed at his seemingly never-ending story. 

"Dad... what are you doing?" Daniel questioned, cutting him off. "You've taken three times longer than everyone else and you are still not finished."

Daniel went on to let his dad know that he's used up so much time that they "had to cut Tom Hanks."

"Well, that's all right. I know Tom. He is a good guy. He will take it well," Eugene shot back as the camera panned to Hanks giving a hilarious face, similar to the facial expressions fans loved at the Golden Globes this year. 

Following their intro, the father-son duo took to the stage to let viewers know that are not the official hosts of this year's awards show. "We are here to greet you and get things started," Eugene said before joking that two key things that differentiate them from actual hosts is that they will not be reoccurring throughout the show and that they will not be paid. 

"Although SAG actually did offer me an internship credit and a free flu shot," Daniel joked. 

They went on to announce the first award of the night, Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series, which went to Tony Shalhoub. 

Twitter couldn't get enough of Eugene and Daniel's opening, with one user saying, "Dan and Eugene Levy should just host everything." Check out a few of the best reactions below.


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