Eva Longoria Adorably Reveals When She Became a 'Huge Fan' of Anna Faris (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive featurette from the 'Overboard' bonus materials, in which everyone gushes over star Anna Faris.

Starring in the remake of Overboard may have proven daunting for the cast, but it also gave them an opportunity to star in a movie with Anna Faris. And this exclusive featurette reveals that everyone on the Overboard set is a huuuuuge Anna Faris fan.

"I've been such a huge fan of Anna Faris my entire life, from House Bunny to the Scary Movies to Mom," new "best friend" Eva Longoria says. "She's just such a talented comedian. She has this just natural instinct for comedy. She's really great with physical comedies."

Eugenio Derbez, meanwhile, can't gush enough about how "funny" and "amazing" and "full of energy" she is, saying, "Anna was exactly as I imagined." Mel Rodriguez has perhaps the most flattering compliment for her, though, likening her to the OG star, Goldie Hawn, revealing, "Anna really reminds me of Goldie Hawn a lot. She has this purity about her and this sweetness about her."

Lionsgate / Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Overboard, which is available now digitally and on Blu-ray and DVD on July 31, includes three special featurettes: "Chemistry Is Comedy," "Culture Clash" and "Captains of the Ship: Bob & Rob," about writer-director Rob Greenberg and co-writer-producer Bob Fisher.


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