Eva Longoria on Returning to Work With ‘All My Baby Weight’ After Welcoming Her First Child (Exclusive)

The actress dished on set life with her adorable newborn son.

Eva Longoria is like many other new moms returning to work, body-conscious after giving birth to their first child.

ET’s Keltie Knight was on set with the stunning 44-year-old actress as she got to work on Dora the Explorer in October, marking her first project since welcoming her son, Santiago, with Jose Baston last June.

“I'm twenty pounds heavier in the film,” she shared. “I still had all my baby weight so I was like, ‘Oh my god, why am I doing this right now? I should have waited.’ But I'm so happy I just jumped in and did it.”

“To be able to be with my baby and have him here on set -- I’ve just been so lucky,” she added about going to work with the newborn, who’s now 10-months-old. “He sleeps for like 13 hours a day, it's awesome.”

Longoria portrays Elena in the live action film, which is based on the popular Nickoledeon children’s series and centers on Dora’s high school life.

Dora is played by Transformers: The Last Knight star Isabela Moner, who opened up about her own schooling during ET’s set visit. “I didn't really go to high school, but I did go to middle school,” she said. “I actually enjoyed school and education.”

Michael Pena, who plays Dora’s dad, added he was a sporty student who was into calculus, while Longoria shouted out her cheerleading days -- amongst many other activities!

“I was into sports and I was a cheerleader and I was in band and I was in basketball and I was into track and I worked,” Longoria said. “I worked at Wendy’s, so my high school years were busy. If I don't have 20 things going on, I feel like I'm not doing enough!”

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