Eva Marcille Isn’t Letting Her Unexpected Pregnancy Slow Down Wedding Planning! (Exclusive)

Eva Marcille poses for her new Eva Marcille Home Collection campaign.
Eva Marcille Home

The newest ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast member opens up to ET about baby No. 2.

Eva Marcille is in full pregnancy and wedding planning mode.

The America’s Next Top Model winner screamed out, “Heck no!” when ET asked if she was putting wedding planning on hold while she’s pregnant. The 33-year-old announced she and her fiance, lawyer Michael Sterling, were expecting their first child together -- a surprise for the pair -- in November.

“Wedding planning is in full force,” Eva gushes. “We are so excited. You know, I’m marrying the man of my dreams. He’s the father of my child. He’s my everything. We’ve been figuring our life together for the last few years and it’s been one of the most amazing journeys. So, now, to culminate that and really start a whole new situation, which is life together, as husband and wife, I couldn’t be more excited! So, I’m not wasting any time with the wedding planning.”

Eva is about two months away from her due date, and she and Michael are expecting a baby boy, whom she says they plan to name Michael, Jr.

“Obviously, we’re not doing any dress shopping just yet,” she adds. “I have this huge ball in my stomach, but as soon as I drop this baby -- I did sign up for a gym -- so I have a new gym membership here in Atlanta and every day until I drop baby, and then after I drop baby, it’s on!”

The reality star confesses she’s currently in the process of scouting venues for the big day, which will likely be this fall.

“I was considering waiting until next year, but I think after conferring with my fiance, we decided that’s a little too long to wait,” she says. “My biggest concern is fitting into my dream wedding dress, having my proper body. That’s the big deal. You know, carrying a child, you don’t spare yourself any food! It’s the one time you can eat anything! So, just trying to find the happy medium there with enjoying my pregnancy, but then getting back, getting back to work and getting my body ready. You know, for bachelorette parties and all the cute, little dresses, all that stuff … a lot to look forward to. Super excited.”

Also “super excited” is Eva’s nearly 4-year-old daughter, Marley Rae, with ex Kevin McCall -- but not about the wedding. Marley’s itching for official big sister status!

“Marley is so ready and, I mean, it couldn’t come at a more perfect time,” Eva spills. “Just last week, Marley’s like, ‘My sister came over.’ And I’m like, ‘Your sister? You don’t have a sister.’ And she’s like, ‘Yes, I do, Mom. Come and see.’ And so I follow her to the mirror and she was pointing back to herself. ‘She’s my sister! She came over!’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my god. Are you playing with yourself in the mirror? Are we acting like there’s two of you? Oh my god. You need a companion so bad.’ So, I’m super excited she’s getting a little brother and has someone to play with and grow up with.”

On top of balancing motherhood, wedding planning and launching the Eva Marcille Home Collection, Eva has also joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the second half of season 10.

“You might see a little bit of Marley on the show,” Eva teases. “I think one of the coolest things about me joining the franchise is, I’m not as assuming as one thinks. I’m not who you might’ve thought I was coming in the business, as a model and super young. I’m not that girl anymore. And think it’s gonna be a nice surprise to see how my life has grown and how my adulthood has unfolded.”

Yes, Eva is now the wife-to-be of a politician! Michael was a recent candidate for the mayor of Atlanta.

“OK, so the honest to god truth, my guy watches CNN all day long,” Eva confesses. “Like that’s his thing. So, he’s not really into reality TV at all. He takes it in doses. He doesn’t really understand it. He’s like, ‘Why is the camera following these people while they go eat dinner? I don’t get it.’ But, he does know that he fell in love with an entertainer. So, my life and what I’m used to is a lot different than, you know, what he’s used to.”

“It may not be his first choice, but he doesn’t knock it,” she continues. “By the same token, he’s a politician. So, I’m like, ‘What? We have to go have dinner with a senator?’ and we have to button up and it’s all weird, but it’s what he does and it’s what he loves, so I accept him for that. I find my little Michelle Obama dress and we make it all work.”

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