Eva Mendes Has the Perfect Response to Troll Who Said She's 'Getting Old'

The actress didn't let a hater's comment get her down.

Eva Mendes wasn't going to let anyone get her down.

The 45-year-old actress and entrepreneur showed off her stylish new haircut on Instagram on Saturday. However, the conversation quickly turned to Mendes defending herself after a troll wrote "she's getting old" on her post.

Instead of ignoring the user, Mendes had the best response about the beauty of aging.

"Yes your [sic] right. Thank God I’m getting old. That means I’m still here," Mendes replied. "I’m gonna be 46 soon and grateful everyday [sic] that I’m aging. Was your comment suppose [sic] to make me feel bad? It didn’t. It makes me feel grateful. So thank you for the reminder that I’m still here. ❤️❤️❤️."


Another fan also called out the previous comment, writing: "Old?? 'Old' is woman on woman negativity. This one isn't out there offending anyone or in some scandal. She's out here LIVING HER DREAM, huss-a-ling when she probably doesn’t even need to! Bringing us good looks. If Eva's old, put me in all the senior communities! Be better."

Mendes took notice of this users' comment and replied, "I hear ya on the woman on woman negativity sisi. Let's make it's [sic] all about love for 2020. So thanks for the love!!!! Sending it right back!!!!!"


ET spoke with Mendes back in November about taking a step back from her acting career to raise her two daughters -- Esmeralda, 5, and Amada, 3 -- with Ryan Gosling. She also touched on what would make her get in front of the camera again.

"They're actually going to school and they're having a bit more autonomy. Of course, they need me, they're still little, but I'm starting to feel more freedom to kind of be like, 'OK, what am I open to now?'" she shared with ET. "It just takes a special kind of project."

To confirm she hasn't completely closed the door on acting, Mendes noted, "It is not closed completely, no it is not. I'm actually excited to find something."

While Mendes might miss acting, she doesn't miss the red carpets: "They're stressful," she said. "If I can skip one, I do."

Hear more of what she shared in the video below.