'Everything's Trash' Trailer: Phoebe Robinson Stars in Freeform's Meta Adaptation of Her Book

Phoebe Robinson 'Everything's Trash' Key Art

Robinson plays a fictionalized version of herself in a meta TV adaptation of her book of essays with a similar name.

If the title of Freeform's upcoming comedy series doesn't grab your attention, the trailer sure will! Executive produced by and starring Phoebe RobinsonEverything's Trash is the meta TV adaptation of Robinson's book of essays with a similar name, Everything's Trash, But It's Okay

The comedy series follows Robinson playing a fictionalized version of herself -- also named Phoebe -- a "30-something outspoken podcast star making her professional mark while living a broke and delightfully messy life in Brooklyn." When her older brother Jayden launches a political campaign, Phoebe is forced to start her adulting "journ-journ."

Although Phoebe has a loaded base of fans, she suffers from an empty bank account. Unfortunately, the former doesn't seem to be doing much for the latter. 

“Life is hard. And you’re doing the best you can,” Phoebe narrates, via the podcast, in the trailer. “Black excellence is a b*tch, right?”

The trailer shows all the comedic messiness viewers will see as Phoebe "relies on her friends and close-knit family to help her figure out adulthood," which includes: trying to make it to an important event in her morning-after clothes; catching a case of feelings for her hook-up (played by Brandon Jay McLaren); dealing with the passive-aggressively irritating duo in the podcasting room next door and possibly being attacked by an owl. Typical millennial shenanigans. 

Watch the trailer below.

Everything's Trash also stars Jordan Carlos, Toccarra Cash, Nneka Okafor and Moses Storm. The series will debut its first two episodes on Wednesday, July 13 at 10 PM ET.