EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor in Paradise's Jasmine Goode Defends Herself From Bullying Accusations: 'It's Really Sad'


Monday's season finale of Bachelor in Paradise showed DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios' highly anticipated first meeting since the scandal, but it was another dynamic duo who clearly had unfinished business.

Jasmine Goode and Christen Whitney clashed in Paradise over their love triangle with Matt Munson, but it seems their beef had more to do with Goode's (and the rest of the cast's) mean-spirited comments. 

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"It was really hard to watch, I'm just going to be real," Whitney told ET's Lauren Zima last month after taping Monday's reunion show. "It was really hard to walk into a room and be like, everyone's talking about me." 

"I did the same thing that everyone else does when they come onto Paradise, and I'm being like, mocked, and that sucks," she added. 

Whitney was nicknamed "Scallop Fingers" by her castmates after a story Alexis Waters told about her love for seafood -- and was later called a "b**ch" and "snake" by Goode for asking Munson on a date without telling her first. 

"[I felt] nauseous. I couldn't watch," Whitney said. "Jasmine apologized for calling me a b**ch, and I appreciated that a lot, but then, like, I just wanted to be able to express my feelings about her posting 'snake' about me on her [social media] feed [after the show]." 

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Whitney said that several of her fellow cast members -- including DeMario Jackson, Sarah Vendal and Danielle Maltby -- reached out to her after seeing how she was treated on the show, but the situation is still "extremely emotional." 

"It kind of takes you back to like, high school feelings that you haven't felt in a long time," she shared. 

For her part, Goode insisted she "did not" bully Whitney, and even said it's "sad" that she, Waters, Raven Gates and even Wells Adams have been accused of bullying. 

"It's really sad. We've all been accused of bullying for telling a story that happened... I don't look at that as bullying, and you know, I didn't tell the story," Goode said. "But then people are saying, 'You're a bully because you confronted her about something,' and I'm like, 'Well, me confronting somebody about doing something wrong against me, how is that bullying?'"

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"I did apologize for calling her a b**ch a couple times, which I did tonight, and I apologized for that, but I've never bullied her," she added.

At the end of the day, Goode doesn't have any regrets about how she acted on or off the show. 

"I don't have any regrets, because Christen will agree on this, there's proof that what she did was wrong to me, and she even told me that," she expressed. "I think I have every right to be upset, but I should have never called her a b**ch that many times."

Goode wasn't the only one feeling the heat during the reunion show. Find out what the cast thinks of Dean Unglert in the video below.