EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’ Alums Reunite for Epic ‘BB Comics’ Shoot -- and React to Season 19 aka ‘Big Paul!’

Only ET was on set with former houseguests, including Dan Gheesling, Nicole Franzel and Frankie Grande, for the special project.

Those Big Brother comics are coming to life!

Only ET was on set as CBS reunited nine former houseguests -- Dan Gheesling, Nicole Franzel, Victor Arroyo, James Huling, Da’Vonne Rogers, Austin Matelson, Caleb Reynolds, Jessie Godderz and Frankie Grande -- to take their BB Comics characters, first introduced in season 16, off the page and onto the big small screen for a mock movie trailer set to air during Sunday’s episode.

“Essentially what we're doing is, we're making Revengers, an Avengers-type movie trailer for the BB Comics competition,” Victor explains.

Each of the former players will channel the personas they were given on their respective seasons. So, Victor is “El Fit Vic,” Nicole is “October-Fist,” James is “Colonel Camo,” Da’Vonne is “Momma Day,” Austin is “The Barbarian,” Caleb is “Beast Mode Cowboy,” Jessie is “Mr. Pec-Tacular” and Frankie is “The Flamingo!” As for Dan, well, he didn’t get a cover on either of his seasons.

“It’s a surprise,” he teases. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Of course, we couldn’t catch up with all these alums and not ask about season 19, which fans have dubbed "Big Paul," seeing as returning player Paul Abrahamian has been running the game since entering the house.

“I think most people would say, what game?” Dan jokes. “It's a one-man show right now, and he's playing a great game. It's just not that fun to watch. It's like watching a basketball team play against themselves, where there's no other team on the floor, which doesn't make for great TV, but you gotta tip your hat to Paul, 'cause he's playing a great game.”

“I know that there's like, are you Team Paul or are you not Team Paul?” Frankie notes. “Having not seen anything, I'll say I'm Team Paul. Why not?”

“I woulda been like, this guy's gotta go!” Jessie offers. “He's a dork. Get him out. He's orchestrating everything and I'm just like, ugh!! I just don't want him to!”

“I love Paul,” Nicole, who beat him last summer, says. “He did give me half a million dollars, I owe him a lot … [but] get Paul out of the house! I would've struck at Double Eviction. What were they thinking??”

“I mean, people give him crap all the time, because, 'Oh, production did this for him...' or, 'He's the only vet...'” Victor shares. “But he's playing the cards that's he's dealt, and he's doing it really well, so I think he's making the best moves, overall, of the summer. The worst moves are the people that are following him like sheep, if you want to say it like that.”

“[Everyone’s] being followers and playing for second!” Da’Vonne says. “Everyone is prepared to hand the game to Paul! You gotta kind of respect what Paul got goin' on, because it's like, he's playing! Whether you like the way he's playing or not, he's playing the game. But it's like, man! We wanna see something happen.”

“Paul's just playing the cards that he's given,” Caleb notes. “These Froot Loops are just stupid! They're not playing. They're scared, you know?”

At this point, it looks like Paul is unbeatable.

“No one's putting up a fight at all,” Nicole says. “I mean, clear path, there you go, Paul! He's doing great, in the aspect of, he has everyone, like, hypnotized... I don't know how he did it!”

Still, Jessie thinks there’s a chance for someone else to take home the big prize.

“If I was playing against Paul, and I did take him to the final two, I don't think my cast members would think, you know, he had this entire season and he worked all of us, he beat all of us,” he says. “I think they might just say, he had his chance [last year] and still vote for somebody of their own season. So you really gotta weigh that, too, unless they have that much respect for the guy.”

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