EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Bold Type’ Cast Spills Season 1 Finale Secrets -- and Reveals Dream Storylines for Season 2!

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The Bold Type signed off its first season in, well, bold style.

Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) said bye-bye to her dream job at Scarlet, Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) possibly rekindled things with Richard Hunter in an elevator and Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) fled the country in search of adventure -- and love with Adena El-Amin. Turns out the viewers actually inspired those three open-ended endings.

“We had so many different drafts [of the finale],” Stevens spills to ET. “Like, I didn't find out [about] me leaving [Scarlet] with the box of stuff, I didn't find out until five minutes before we shot it.”

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“We were trying it a bunch of ways,” Dee jumps in. “We didn't know what would work, and we were really doing everything so fast, because the show was airing while we were still shooting.”

“With any first season of any show, I feel like you're just figuring it out and navigating where you wanna go, if you do get a season two,” she continues. “We still don't know, but if we do, I feel like episode 10 leaves us in a place where all three of the girls have figured something out, but there's still a lot of unanswered questions and things up in the air.”

Freeform has yet to greenlight a second season of the dramedy, but fan -- and cast -- hopes are high for another go with the ladies of Scarlet magazine. Stevens, Fahy and Dee all have big dreams for their characters moving forward.

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“I wouldn't say that Sutton and Richard are maybe back together,” Fahy teases. “We're seeing this moment between the two of them, where there's perhaps a conversation that's gonna happen. I'm always on their team. I'm rooting for them.”

“But aside from that, I would love to see … Sutton really, like, you know, own her place in the fashion world,” she adds. “I think we got to see a little bit of that with her, when she took over the shoot when Cassie blew it, but I would really like to see her continue to develop herself professionally.”

“I think we see Kat and Jane sort of in different places in their careers,” Fahy continues. “They're both, at least, doing what they want to be doing ... I think Sutton's a little bit behind in a way, where she's still trying to get her feet underneath her, so I would love to see her do that.”

As for Stevens’ Jane, she’s excited at the idea of a new workplace.

“I want to see her continue to take risks and do things that scare her,” Stevens says. “I'm excited to see what the difference between Scarlet and Incite is for her … Incite feels like it's going to be a bunch of hipster, really cool people and I feel Jane's gonna come in with her heels and her skirt and be like, OK. Need to change this. Like, need to fit in here.”

“I just, in general, with the three [characters], want to see them outside the office,” she adds, “which I think now, Jane being at Incite and whatever happens with Kat, will lend to.”

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Then there’s Kat, whom Dee has the most outlandish plans for.

“I hope we see Kat on, like, a beautiful island, on the beach, laying in the sun next to Adena and they both have, like, pineapple drinks,” she jokes. “But Adena's is non-alcoholic. That's the whole season. Just them, like it's a conversation. It's very art-housey.”

That would open the door for an out-of-the-office adventure for Jane and Sutton.

“I think vacation episodes of shows are the best, 'cause you're like, what are they doing out of the place where they live?!” Fahy says. “It's always so jarring, but also really exciting.”

“I can't wait for Kat to introduce Jane and Sutton to Adena,” Dee confesses. “When you start dating someone, and you introduce them to your friends, that's a really big deal and they haven't done that yet.”

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“I want this season to have, even though we had a dinner party with us at Richard's, I want, like, I would love to see us all on a date together with our people,” Stevens jumps in. “Like, if I'm with Pinstripe [writer Ryan Decker], or deciding what that is, Pinstripe, [Sutton] and Richard, [Kat] and Adena.”

“Maybe they go to the Hamptons together to Richard's house in the Hamptons!” Dee squeals.

Fans will have to hold tight to see if any of these dreams become a reality. For now, you can binge the whole first season of The Bold Type on the Freeform app -- and check out more of our chat with the cast in the video below.