EXCLUSIVE: Corinne Olympios Explains Vegas PDA Pics, Says She & DeMario Jackson Had Dinner to Talk 'In Detail'

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Corinne Olympios is starting to feel like herself again. 

ET's Lauren Zima sat down with the 24-year-old reality star at the Bachelor End of Summer Party benefiting Restore Dignity at Tiato in Santa Monica, California, on Wednesday, where she opened up about what she's been up to now that she's single -- and explained those steamy Las Vegas makeout pics.

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"I went [to Las Vegas] with my girlfriends from Miami and one of them had a boyfriend, and her boyfriend brought all these guys," Olympios said. "I stuck to one guy, and it was just like, fun for the weekend. I mean, he's not like my boyfriend or anything. But yeah, he was really sweet to me, and he's a really good kisser." 

"I am almost back [to myself]. I feel like I just need to keep going and then I'll just fully be back soon," she added. 

Olympios definitely has a lot on her plate. The blonde beauty might be done with the Bachelor franchise for now, but she had several TV projects in the works. 

"Everything's still really in the creative process, but all I can say is get ready to laugh your butt off," she teased. "They are going to be hilarious." 

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While Olympios' reality show will feature her show-stealing family, her scripted project focuses on dating -- something that the blonde beauty isn't too excited about right now. 

"There are too many apps! How do you pick one?" she asked. "I'm scared of that." 

As for her relationship with DeMario Jackson, whom she was photographed cuddling up to last week, she said they're still "just friends" -- but good enough friends for Jackson to give her a ride from the airport. 

"We're hanging out. He picked me up from the airport. We went to dinner," she revealed. "We're cool. We're really cool." 

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"We wanted to get together after being out that night. We wanted to talk over dinner in detail about things that were not able to be said while being out," she continued. "[It was] really good. It was really relieving." 

"I just had a lot of questions about why he ran to the press so fast. I was like, 'We could have handled this totally privately. You went to the press.' He's like, 'I did,'" Olympios shared. "So it was just a bunch of unanswered questions that I really needed to ask him." 

Olympios told ET last week that she confronted Jackson during their first meeting after the scandal. Find out what she told him in the video below.