EXCLUSIVE: Liam Neeson Talks Possible 'Star Wars' Return, Admits He Tried to Talk His Son Out of Acting

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Liam Neeson wants to protect his sons from the hardships of Hollywood.

The 65-year-old actor chatted with ET's Deidre Behar at the press day for his new movie, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House, in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he revealed that he tried to talk his eldest son, Micheál, out of acting.

The father-son duo shared the screen in a 2016 Super Bowl commercial for LG and Micheál has since picked up a few more roles.

"I tried to talk him out of it," Neeson told ET, adding that he "originally wasn't" so pleased that his eldest son was following in his footsteps. 

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"The profession is all about rejection, you know? You go out for this part and you're rejected, and you're not rejected because of your education, you're rejected because of this," Neeson explained, motioning to his body. "The space you occupy. You're too tall. You're too Irish. Your nose is too broken. You're too this, you're too that. So it's -- you want to save your kids from all that, you know?"

But the movie star couldn't hold back his son's aspiratoins, and he's even worked a second time with Micheál.

"We did a film earlier this year called Hard Powder," shared Neeson. "It's a thriller. It's got a dark comedic bend to it, as well."

"He plays my son, and he's, it was good to act with [him]!" he continued. "We had two or three little scenes together and it was nice."

Liam Neeson and Son Michael
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Neeson would also like to let fans know that he wasn't serious when he said that his days as an action star are over, promising he still has a couple more left in him.  

"It was slightly blown out. I was just in one of those moods at the Toronto Film Festival where someone said, 'Well, what about action movies?' I was feeling my age that morning. I said, 'I'm 60-bleep-bleep-5! Give me a break, guys,'" he explained. "But no, there's a couple more in the pipeline we're hoping to do."

Meanwhile, in August, it was revealed that an Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film is reportedly in the works, with Ewan McGregor expressing his interest in reprising his Star Wars: Episode I role. So would Neeson be up for portraying Qui-Gon Jinn once again?

"That's the first I've heard of this and no one has approached me," he told ET. "No, I haven't heard. I know there's lots of spinoffs of the Stars Wars. I hear about that but no, nothing about my character. That's the first I've heard of it."

But would he be interested?

"How much?" he jokingly asked, pretending to pick up a phone. 

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House opens in Los Angeles and New York on Sept. 29.