'Extreme Sisters' Season 2 First Look: These Twins Want to Marry Another Set of Identical Twins (Exclusive)

The TLC reality series returns Jan. 23.

Extreme Sisters is about to get wilder in season 2.

ET exclusively premieres a first look at the cold open for the new season of the TLC reality series, which features the returns of twin sister duos Anna and Lucy, and Christina and Jessica. Viewers will also be introduced to Ashley and Vee; 25-year-old sisters Hannah, Katherine and Nadia; and twins Jordan and Randi, who are one step closer to their dream of marrying identical brothers.

The reality series, which debuted in 2021, follows inseparable sibling relationships who sometimes take their bonds to the extreme. But these sisters are unapologetic in their dedication to one another.

The two-minute clip opens with the five sets of sisters detailing their tight-knit bonds. From dating the same partner to communicating in their own secret language to dreams of being pregnant at the same time to a sister making the controversial decision to be a surrogate, season 2 is sure to be full of fireworks for these five sets of sisters. 

According to TLC, the season 2 premiere airing Jan. 23, titled "So Happy Together," finds fan favorites Anna and Lucy back in front of the camera as they double down on their outrageous lifestyle Down Under. In the same episode, Southern sisters Jordan and Randi try to reach their dream of a quaternary marriage, a term to describe when twins marry another set of twins. Ashley and Vee, meanwhile, tug at viewers' heartstrings when a surrogacy announcement brings them closer together but also threatens to tear apart their family.

In the second episode airing Jan. 30, titled "Wombmates," Ashley and Vee risk tearing their family apart after they reveal plans for Vee to serve as Ashley's surrogate and carry her unborn child. Meanwhile, Anna and Lucy get their own matching bundles of joy when their mother tasks them with practice dolls in order to experience the highs and lows of motherhood. Jordan and Randi continue to plot out how to successfully achieve their dream of marrying twin brothers, while Extreme Sisters favorites Christina and Jessica return following their blowout fight in season 1 as they try to make amends -- if a new revelation doesn't tear them apart first.

Meet the season 2 Extreme Sisters cast below.

Christina and Jessica - TLC

Christina and Jessica (“Psychic Sisters”) are ready to mend their relationship and are itching to return to living parallel lives, but John is not as forgiving. Fearing negative energy, Christina pressures John and Jessica to mend their relationship before her baby comes. With Christina and John gearing up to welcome a new addition to the family, Jessica can't help but feel left out. Even though she has a new partner to lift her spirits, Jessica still feels like something is missing. 

Ashley and Vee - TLC

Ashley and Vee (“Step Sister-Sister”) are proving that even if you aren't blood relatives, you can still share a close, sibling bond. Recently, Ashley has undergone some severe and traumatizing health issues that left her no choice but to perform a hysterectomy and remove her uterus. Ashley had been dreaming of having more children, so the news was devastating. Ashley wants Vee to be a surrogate for her but Vee’s long-time partner, Demetrius, stands in the way.

Hannah, Katherine and Nadia - TLC

Hannah, Katherine and Nadia (“Staten Island Sisters”) are committed to doing life together. At 25 years old, they still live together, sleep in the same room, vacation together, game together, speak their own made-up language together and fight together. In short, they live in their own triplet world. Their triplet lifestyle holds them back from romantic relationships and, they’re starting to realize, from growing up.

Anna and Lucy - TLC

Anna and Lucy (“One in the Same”) live their lives as one person and even make sure their hair is cut the same number of times for the same amount of time. Their identical lifestyle is challenging to keep up with as they weigh their choices of becoming mothers or starting new careers. Their shared partner, Ben, fully supports their choices, but worries the girls are sacrificing their happiness in order to sustain their identical lifestyle.

Jordan and Randi - TLC

Jordan and Randi ("Country Chic Sisters") have shared everything in life together and still do to this day. Naked as the day God made them, they enjoy long talks in the bath while giving each other homemade spa treatments. Jordan has typically been the one to speak for the both of them, but now Randi is starting to find her own voice as she deepens her romantic relationship. Dating identical twins is Randi and Jordan’s fairytale come true and now they’re getting close to their dream of a quaternary marriage with the introduction of handsome identical partners Daniel and Derek. The sisters are hoping for a year of happy endings. Engagements, weddings and babies look to be on the horizon, but they might not be able to keep the fairytale going. 

Extreme Sisters returns Monday, Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.