Miranda Kerr Says It Takes Her Only 15 Minutes to Get Ready

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Though supermodel Miranda Kerr, 31, always looks spectacularly flawless while continuously snapped out and about by paparazzi, according to the former Victoria's Secret Angel, it only takes her 15 minutes to look this good.

In a recent post on her Kora Organics blog, Miranda revealed her morning beauty routine, which she surprisingly says takes even less than half an hour.

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"I usually have very little time in the mornings, especially with a toddler, so with these simple skin and beauty steps I can get out the door in 15 minutes," she writes.

Starting the day with a glass of warm water with the juice of half an organic lemon each morning to "kick start her digestion process” for the rest of the day, she counts "pre-shower dry body brushing" as an integral part of her routine.

"It's a great way to get the circulation going, remove dead skin cells, aid lymphatic drainage, detoxify your system and keep your skin smooth all over," she explains. "I start with my feet and legs and work my way up in quick gentle strokes… it needn't be too time consuming and just takes a few minutes before jumping into the shower."

As for hair and makeup, she lets her hair dry naturally overnight, and suggests using a hairbrush with a natural bristle as it "promotes shine and is gentle on the scalp." Her minimal makeup routine only consists of Kora Organic Tinted Day Cream, mascara and lip balm on a daily basis.

Finally, she's out the door with a green juice "packed with live, whole ingredients" in hand.

… If only we could all look this good in 15 minutes!

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Are you buying Miranda's minimal morning routine?