Did Taylor Swift Out-Victoria's Secret the Actual Victoria's Secret Models?

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Victoria’s Secret models, they’re so multi-talented! They’re pretty, they show off clothes real well, and they can sing! At least that’s what we learned from Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Swift at last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Oh, Taylor Swift isn’t officially an Angel? Maybe she should be.

Can you tell which is the Victoria’s Secret model in this picture?

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Of course you can because one is Taylor Swift and the other is her BFFKarlie Kloss, but if you had been living under a WiFi-less rock for the last decade or were our grandma, you might not be so sure.

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Taylor looks just as good in little lacy things:

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And feels just as sexy in tiny lingerie numbers:

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She’s been practicing her over-the-shoulder, end-of-the-catwalk pose:

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Nailed it.

And knows how to show off a garment as well as any veteran Angels:

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We’ll order one of what she’s wearing, please.

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So again, we ask: If you saw this picture, would you be able to tell which is the Victoria’s Secret model and which is the Taylor Swift?

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Would you maybe go with the one who is SERVING LEGS FOR DAYS?

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No offense, Behati Pinsloo. Maybe next year V.S. should just put Taylor in a bedazzled bikini too. Then, they guarantee all eyes will be on Victoria’s Secret fashion at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Let’s get this girl a pair of wings already.

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