Brooklyn Beckham Thinks His Dad Is Uncool, But Still Borrows His Clothes Anyway


David Beckham may be a global superstar, but he's just a dad to his son Brooklyn, or at least that's what Brooklyn wants you to think.

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"With Brooklyn I keep having to remind him that I'm one of the cooler dads," David told British Vogue. "For his birthday I got him some of the Kanye shoes, so I was in his cool books for about five hours."

David and Victoria Beckham's eldest child turned 16 on March 4. While he may put on airs as if his famous dad isn’t one of the coolest guys on the planet, Brooklyn's actions tell a different story.

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"He steals something from my wardrobe every single day," David told the magazine. "I had a pair of Saint Laurent leather trousers that I had never worn, and Brooklyn found them and wore them and is still wearing them. Those trousers were my trousers and they're definitely not anymore."

Brooklyn's Instagram seems to corroborate David's story, as the teenager has posted photos of himself wearing pants that fit the description.

Check out the video below to see David and Victoria Beckham in displays of public affection that's guaranteed to embarrass their kids.

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