EXCLUSIVE: 'America's Next Top Model' Challenges Contestants on Music Video and Dancing Skills


It almost wouldn’t be America’s
Next Top Model
without some sort of music-related challenge.

While music -- singing or dancing in music videos -- doesn’t seem
like an obvious area for a model to master, it’s become an intrinsic part of
the long-running reality competition ever since creator Tyra Banks first made cycle
two contestants compete to appear in the music video for her debut single, “Shake
Ya Body

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In the many cycles since, the aspiring models have made
viral videos
-- which had to incorporate the all-important phrase: “pot ledom” -- ,
recorded their own tracks, had Brits face off with Americans in “Stop, Drop N
,” and appear in Tyra Beauty ads featuring the “dab it dab it, dip it dip
it, pat it pat it, click it click it
” of Tyra’s underrated scatting skills.
Then, there’s probably the greatest opening credits in Top Model history, which are really just a glorified music
video-slash-homage to ‘80s films like Flashdance:

Now, on cycle 23, hosted by singer Rita Ora, Beyoncé’s
choreographer Chris Grant challenges the models to create their own signature dance
routine for a block party video shot -- in one take mind you -- by longtime music
video director, Director X. And, of course, ET has your first look at Tatiana
strutting her stuff to the amazement of judge Drew Elliott.