Father-Daughter Duo Show off Their Impressive Cheerleading Moves and ‘Cheer’ Coach Monica Aldama Is Obsessed

Roland Pollard
Roland Pollard/Instagram

Roland and Jayden Pollard are becoming a viral sensation.

Jayden Pollard's definitely going to make mat! The 4-year-old cutie and her dad, Roland Pollard, have been gaining popularity online with their impressive cheerleading moves and stunts. 

Little Jayden is fearless, flying through the air as her dad supports her from below. Jayden's mom, Stephanie, even gets in on the fun occasionally. 

And Navarro College cheer coach Monica Aldama, from the hit series Cheer has already taken notice, posting one of the videos to her own Instagram account. 

"My newest commitment for 2034!!! Let’s go Jayden! I’m getting your uniform ready ❤️? @rolandp90x," she captioned the post.

In the clip, the father-daughter team completes the stunt and then Roland grabs his giggling girl and takes her over to the camera as she repeats after him. 

"Say, Monica where you at! Say, Navarro who! Say, Monica who! Say, Monica, I'll see you in 14 years!" he quips. 

Netflix's popular docuseries Cheer followed the Navarro cheerleading squad as they trained to compete at the NCA Collegiate National Championships.