Fergie Gushes About Son Axl's Adorable Singing Cameo on 'Double Dutchess': 'It Made My Heart Melt' (Exclusive)

The singer shared how she's balancing motherhood and her new album, 'Double Dutchess.'

Fergie is ready for anything, including being honest about her personal life.

The singer spoke with ET's Keltie Knight before performing at the relaunch of the hotel The Cove in Paradise Island in the Bahamas on Saturday night, where she performed songs from her new album Double Dutchess, which features the vocal stylings of her four-year-old son, Axl.

"I'm such a proud mommy," she said of his cameo on the song "Enchante (Carine)." "It was just such a cute moment hearing him sing in French. It made my heart melt and I had to put it on there."

But don't expect him to be joining mom onstage anytime soon. "We just did it because he was having a fun time singing it, and I would never put my kid through anything he didn't want to do," she said. 

"He's four and he changes his mind," she added, describing her youngster's ever changing interests. "We just got a science present, so we're looking at science things. I kind of just let him lead because his brain fascinates me. I just let him take me wherever he wants to go and I just follow and we learn together."

Juggling an ambitious toddler and promotional work for the album has been tough on the 42-year-old, especially when it comes to keeping her private life private in the wake of her seperation from her husband of eight years, Josh Duhamel.

"I have been really, really busy. And it's been quite the balancing act," Fergie explained. "Basically, I go from work to my son, so I'm trying to find times in between to do my meditations. It's the way that I can kind of re-center."

She also admitted to using professional help to work through moments when she feels overwhelmed. "I talk to my therapist and try to get into an hypnosis once in a while because it really grounds me," she added.

"It’s really about enjoying that moment that you're in, and really trying not to think about the gazillion things that are going on outside of it, but really being present and just enjoying each moment as it comes, whatever that is."

Enjoying the moment also means connecting with fans through her music. 

"That is something that I'll get to live with forever," she said about the fan reactions to Double Dutchess. "People still come up to me and say, 'Oh my gosh, 'Big Girls Don’t Cry' got me through the hardest time in my life.' And people are now saying these things about 'A Little Work' and 'Save It Til Morning' and 'Love is Pain' and it's just like, wow. That means I'm really connecting to somebody on that deeper level and that really to me is success."

Double Dutchess is available now. For more on Fergie, watch the video below!