Fergie Talks Demons & Reveals Music Video for ‘A Little Work’ Featuring Son Axl -- See His Cute Debut!


The singer's gorgeous boy makes his debut in the new video for her single, 'A Little Work.'

Fergie is putting her son Axl to “a little work!”

The songstress revealed the music video for her new single, “A Little Work,” on Monday and the elaborate visual features an adorable cameo from Axl, the singer’s 4-year-old son with estranged husband Josh Duhamel.

Sporting a shirt reading “Rolling with the homies,” a bright yellow jacket and hip, high-top sneakers, the cutie looks cooler than ever walking out of a church hand in hand with his mom, before the pair share a sweet smooch.

And just check out the little blondie’s gorgeous smile!


The track is the first single from Fergie’s new album, Double Dutchess,  and the 11-minute video is interspersed with clips of the singer sharing intimate details about experiencing feelings of fear, panic and being watched. It is unclear whether the statements are based on her own life, however, she has previously spoken about battling drug addiction before joining the Black Eyed Peas.

“I got to a point where I was seeing devils everywhere. Devil faces,” she says, while footage of her stumbling down the street is shown. “Creatures that would appear to me would say, ‘Fly, fly, fly.’ I would constantly be in this state of listening to the messages that all of these creatures... what they were going to tell me. What their messages were and what I should do and life became almost like this whole game."

'I was just going to lose it,” she continues. “I was about to start screaming at everybody in the street. I ended up on Wilshire and I saw this church…”

The GRAMMY winner is then shown entering a church and continues to tell stories in the video, including how journaling helped her deal with difficult moments..

“I have journals of it all and I remember writing to myself throughout that period of my life,” she says. “It’s how I can divulge my true feelings because it’s been difficult to trust, for me, in my life, so the paper is always where I could emotionally get to those crevices -- those little corners of feelings. I’m so glad I did it because at least I was checking in with myself, at least I knew that I was becoming a f**k up.”

“I had to really work hard at telling the spirit, the vision, to go away,” she adds. “I had to say out loud, ‘Leave me alone, I choose the good.’ It was this epiphany I had in the holy war of good against evil.”

The video ends with the beautiful scenes starring Axl, with Fergie’s voiceover detailing how leaving the church was like “walking into the light.”

"That walk out of there -- all of that demon that was there, it all of a sudden just lifted,” she says. “It was almost like walking into the light. I realized that I finally needed to honor myself and that is really still a challenging place that I often have to work on to this day.”

The video comes a day after Fergie shared a clip of her fun “date night” with Axl at the Broadway production of Aladdin in New York City.

The mother-son duo has been enjoying quality time together following recent confirmation that the singer split from Duhamel in February.

"We're great friends, Josh and I, there's so much love that we have for each other," she explained to ET during an exclusive interview on Wednesday. "We really like each other, we have fun with each other. We're just not a romantic couple anymore."

See more from the interview below.