First Look at the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Holiday Special (Exclusive)


ET has your sneak peek at Kim and co.’s holiday fun, complete with some healthy family competition.

Christmas is coming early for the Kardashians.

ET has your exclusive first look at the “A Very Kardashian Holiday” episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which finds the famous family prepping for the holidays like only they can. From the looks of the teaser, we’ll get to see Kim and company pick out Christmas trees and gifts, give back, plan parties, dress up as Santa and, naturally, fight. Kim accuses both her sister, Kourtney, and mom, Kris Jenner, of ripping off her ideas.

“I will come for them if they copy anything that I’m doing,” she threatens in a confessional. Naturally, that only makes Kris want to copy Kim more, as she decides to have a battle of the ice skating rinks.

“She’s taken this way too seriously,” Kris says. “So, I kinda want to mess with her.”

Check out the full sneak peek here:

Fingers crossed the special also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the family’s annual, epic Christmas card shoot. ET just sat down with Kim, who revealed she organized the photo this year -- and never wants to do it again!

“Just to wrangle every single family member was so exhausting,” she says. “I've never in my life just... I thought it would be really easy. It was really tough. But it will be a good one this year. I think our best yet.”

“It was worth it, the drama,” she admits. “There was a lot of drama, like, major, major drama … I was having such anxiety just like leading up to [it] … My grandma is in it this year. We were talking, the last time she had been in one of our Christmas cards was 1999, 1998? I think 1998, when it was all of us: my mom, her and the four kids. So it was a lot. It definitely gave me a little bit of anxiety, with all the kids running around just thinking, 'Holy s**t, how am I going to do three kids?’ I'm really freaking out. It was kind of a freak out moment for me.”

“A Very Kardashian Holiday” airs Sunday, Nov. 26, at 9 p.m. ET on E! For more from our chat with Kim, check out the video below.