First Trailer for 'Mowgli,' Andy Serkis' Twisted Take on 'The Jungle Book'

'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle'
Courtesy of Netflix

The latest Jungle Book adaptation’s trailer has arrived!

On Thursday, Netflix released its first promo for Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, a slighter darker vision of the classic story than the recent Disney version, featuring a young boy (Rohan Chand) who is raised by a pack of wolves in the treacherous jungles of India.

The first trailer teases a visually stunning adventure featuring a huge cast of digitally animated animals who help Mowgli as he attempts to survive in the wild. Ultimately, he must reconcile discovering that he is one of the destructive humans who live nearby, and where he truly belongs.

The film follows closely on the heels of 2016’s The Jungle Book, which is also based on Rudyard Kipling’s novel. And, although that version boasted a stellar cast, including Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Bill Murray and Christopher Walken, this new iteration is also rife with talent.

Using performance capture techniques, Christian Bale became Bagheera, the black panther who mentors Mowgli. Cate Blanchett is tackling the terrifying Kaa, a huge python. And the film’s director, Andy Serkis, is taking on the boy’s lovable friend Baloo the bear.

Originally, this version was competing with Disney’s to see which could be released first. However, Serkis was determined to use motion capture processes for the film, which can take time, allowing them the ability to slow down and get precisely the film they wanted.

"It's a journey of a young character that is neither in the world of, you know, he can't exist purely in the world of animals, nor can he exist purely in the world of man -- and it's about him finding his own identity," Serkis told ET at Comic-Con 2017. "It's really for a slightly older audience than the Disney version, which by the way, I loved and thought was amazing and I thought Jon Favreau did an extraordinary job. Our film is very different. It's a live-action movie, it's shot on location, it's using performance capture. It's, as they say, tonally darker. There's no singing."

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle will arrive in theaters and on Netflix on Dec. 7.

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