Flavor Flav Nearly Crushed to Death by Boulder

Flavor Flav
John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The drive home from Las Vegas to Los Angeles nearly turned deadly for Flavor Flav, who is lucky to be alive after a falling boulder nearly crushed him.

The Public Enemy rapper was on the road Tuesday in La Tuna Canyon, where rain caused a boulder to fall down the cliffside. A rep for the 62-year-old artist tells ET the boulder smashed the right side of his vehicle, "which led him to briefly lose control of his vehicle, but thankfully, he was able to safely get it to the side of the road."

The rep went on to say that "if Flav had just been a few feet in another direction, the boulder would've killed him." The rapper is physically fine, though mentally shaken up. Flav's car was totaled but his team was able to get AAA on the scene and he was out safe.

"God is good," Flavor Flav tells ET. "I came very close to death, but I am super grateful to be alive."

TMZ, which was first to report the news, obtained pictures of the car's aftermath, and the sports car suffered significant damage. The outlet also reported someone who witnessed the incident also freaked out after watching the accident unfold, but the witness had the presence of mind to stop and check on the one-time reality TV star.


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