Frankie Grande Reveals He's Dating a Married Couple


The 'Big Brother' alum says he's been in a relationship with the two for 'almost three months.'

The more the merrier for Frankie Grande

The YouTube personality has been dating a married couple for the last few months, he recently revealed, confirming his relationship status with Mike Pophis and Daniel Sinasohn at a Halloween party on Monday. 

"These are my boyfriends,” Grande told Us Weekly, introducing the two. “[We’ve been dating for] almost three months, but in the gay world, it’s like five years.”

Grande didn't hold back when opening up about their romance. When asked what his favorite part of Sinasohn was, he cheekily replied: “He said his d**k." The Big Brother alum later added that Sinasohn, a lawyer, is “very smart." "So is Mike, Mike is also very smart," he said of Pophis, a doctor. 

Just a few days later, at another Halloween party, Grande shared more about their relationship. "I'm the new addition," he boasted, but played coy about explaining just how they make it work. "Let's just say it does," he teased. 

Grande, Pophis and Sinasohn have seemingly been inseparable over the last few months, posting a slew of pics from their many outings to social media. 

ET has reached out to Grande for comment.

In addition to his new relationship, Grande has also been spending time with family recently. While speaking with ET on Monday, he opened up how his sister, Ariana Grande, was coping after ending her engagement to Pete Davidson

"Ariana is doing well,” he told ET of his sister. "We just had game night together the other night. It was me, Mommy, and Nona, and we just had a great time. Mommy won! It was Phase 10, Mommy won. But it’s good.” 

"She’s working really hard, you know, getting prepped for tour and another album,” he says of the Sweetener tour and new music that Ariana has teased. "Like, it’s too much! Lots of stuff is going on.”

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