Frankie Grande Says Ariana Grande Is ‘Doing Well,’ Talks Her Future Plans (Exclusive)

The singer’s older brother opened up to ET about his sister’s comeback following a series of setbacks.

Frankie Grande is supporting his little sis!

The 35-year-old brother of Ariana Grande spoke with ET at Bette Midler’s 2018 Hulaween party to benefit the New York Restoration Project in New York City on Monday night.

"Ariana is doing well,” he tells ET of his sister. "We just had game night together, the other night. It was me, Mommy, and Nona, and we just had a great time. Mommy won! It was Phase 10, Mommy won. But it’s good.” 

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant opened up about how his sister is moving forward following the death of her ex, Mac Miller, and her subsequent broken engagement from comedian Pete Davidson

"She’s working really hard, you know, getting prepped for tour and another album,” he says of the Sweetener tour and new music that Ariana has teased. "Like, it’s too much! Lots of stuff is going on.”

He also calls Ariana’s recent performance for the 15th anniversary of Wicked “incredible,” adding, "If Ariana doesn’t play Elphaba, then I think there’s something seriously wrong with the world, you know? She’s perfect! Ariana is Elphaba! I mean, come on."

Frankie attended the event in a tiny Speedo and boots, with his body painted as the galaxy as a part of a friend’s Ziggy Stardust costume. He dished to ET that the body painting took a total of two and a half hours to complete. 

He also opened up about recently celebrating 16 months of sobriety, saying, “It’s been an incredible journey, and I had such amazing support… I became publicly sober on my year so many people have reached out to me and asked me how to do it.”

For more from the Grande family, watch the clip below: