Gabrielle Union Says She Told Ayesha and Steph Curry to Break Up When They First Started Dating

Gabrielle Union and Steph and Ayesha Curry split image
Allen Berezovsky and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Union and husband Dwyane Wade went on Instagram Live with the Currys and dished on quarantine life and more.

Good thing Steph and Ayesha Curry did not take Gabrielle Union's advice back in the day.

The L.A.'s Finest star, along with her husband, Dwyane Wade, caught up with the Currys on Instagram Live, where she recalled telling the couple when they began dating that they needed to break up.

"I was like, ‘You guys, the likelihood of this working out is very low and you should just break up now and have sex with other people,'" Union said while all four laughed and sipped on some wine. "I used a little bit more different language, but is that not what I told y'all both?"

Ayesha then replied, "You looked at me and said, ‘How old are you? OK.'"

The couples continued laughing, with Union quipping, "Precisely, because I was a THOT."

"I apologize on behalf of the Wade family. That's not who we are anymore," Wade jokingly added.

Union, however, was pleased that they did not take her advice, and went on to explain how amazing the Currys are.

"Listen, you guys are unicorns. Like, literally, there are very, very few people that I have met who have been consistent," she explained. "I've known you guys well over a decade and there are a lot of people who talk about faith and there's a lot of people who talk about moving the culture forward, but something isn't real somewhere. And when people are like, ‘Are they real?' And I'm like, 'yes!'"

"They are some of the only people that I've met who've been consistent from the first time I saw them to every time I speak to you guys and whether that's me and Ayesha texting each other encouragement randomly," she continued. "You guys have been consistent and I wish more people understood that it is possible to be people of faith and also wanting to move the culture forward. Those two things don't have to exist separately and you guys do a beautiful job of being exactly who you claim to be."

The four all smiled and cheered to Unions supportive words.

The Currys, meanwhile, are parents to daughters Riley, 7, and Ryan, 4, and son, Canon, who just turned one in July. The Golden State Warrior opened up to ET last year about his wonderful family, and plans for baby number four.

"I guess you can never say we're done, unless you do something to fix that," Curry said with a laugh, "but right now we are very happy and content with our family."

See more in the video below.