Gal Gadot Says 'Wonder Woman 1984' Brought Her to Tears Even Though She's 'Not an Easy Crier' (Exclusive)

Gadot and director Patty Jenkins opened up to ET at the 2019 Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday

Gal Gadot is opening up about how emotional she felt watching Wonder Woman 1984.

The actress, who stars as the eponymous DC superhero, sat down with ET's Rachel Smith at the 2019 Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday -- alongside the film's director, Patty Jenkins -- where they chatted about creating the powerful new project.

"In the first movie, we got to establish Wonder Woman and to tell the journey of Diana Prince becoming Wonder Woman," Gadot shared. "In this story, we meet her in 1984. She's been around, she's been helping mankind, you know, doing what she feels she needs to do, her calling."

"She lost some of her teammates over the years, and [now] something crazy is about to happen to her," Gadot teased.

The actress has admitted before that when she first saw an early screener of the movie, it brought her to tears -- a result she said she was surprised by.

"I'm not an easy crier. Just to save my pride," she explained. "I'm not the type of woman who watches commercials and cries… [but] I had such a strong reaction to this movie. And it caught me off guard."

"I can't tell you what happened in the movie that made me cry, I can just tell you that it was the very beginning. But I've never seen that. All of a sudden I wasn't Gal, or Wonder Woman, [or] the actress, [or] the producer who was on set when everything was shot. I was a little girl from a suburb in Israel watching, all by myself, in the scene… and I see this amazing woman doing these amazing things, and I did not expect that."

She said that she began crying "all of the sudden" without even realizing it, because of how impactful one particular scene proved to be.

"That's the moment where you're like, 'This is why it's so freaking important, this is why it's not like any other movie,'" Gadot shared. "We're doing something that we hope is gonna have an impact, [and] it's very impactful on us already."

As for Jenkins, stirring up deep emotions is one of her goals when she gets behind the camera, as is telling a whole, complete and powerfully engaging story.

"Every time I make a movie, I'm trying to make a masterpiece," Jenkins said. "You'll never get there, you'll never feel that you did, but that's always what you're trying to do."

"So, as wonderful as the success of the first movie was, this is its own movie and I love this character and I love this person that I'm working with," she added. "I'm aiming for this movie to be better in every way and I feel like we aspire to make something that we felt was grand and fantastic and something you'd want to go see in the theater and we did something that I think is super exciting."

Jenkins and Gadot were at this year's Comic Con Experience to debut the first trailer for the hotly anticipated action blockbuster, and the filmmaker said they couldn't wait for fans to get a chance to check out what's in store.

"We love the trailer, we're psyched," Jenkins said. "So we want people to see the whole thing."

Wonder Woman 1984 flies into theaters June 5, 2020.