George and Amal Clooney Welcome New Addition to Their Family: Meet Nelson

The couple has a long history of rescuing dogs.

Amal Clooney and George Clooney were recently spotted enjoying a sunny outing in the South of France on Feb. 3 with a charming new addition to their family – a lovable St. Bernard puppy named Nelson. 

The pair, known for their philanthropy and love for animals, delighted onlookers as they strolled through the streets, the pup nestled comfortably in Amal's arms while George took charge of its leash.

The snapshots from their leisurely walk capture a heartwarming scene, with the adorable canine gazing into the distance, seemingly content in the arms of the 46-year-old human rights lawyer. Amal exuded effortless elegance in a brown dress, complemented by stylish black boots and oversized sunglasses. Meanwhile, George, the 62-year-old acclaimed filmmaker behind The Boys in the Boat, kept it casual in a classic black jacket paired with blue jeans.


Nelson, the newest addition to the Clooney family, isn't the first St. Bernard to grace their household. The delightful pup will be joining the ranks of the family's beloved pooch Rosie, named in honor of George's late aunt, Rosemary.

Renowned for his unwavering commitment to rescuing animals, the Ocean's Eleven actor has a longstanding history of bringing furry companions into his life, often taking them on his global adventures. 

Among his cherished pets, he previously shared his home with Einstein, a cocker spaniel who passed away in 2017, and, famously, a pig named Max who died in 2006. Since then, George and Amal have welcomed Millie, a basset hound, and Louie, another cherished spaniel, into their loving family.

Beyond their affinity for furry companions, the Clooneys are also devoted parents to 6½-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander. While reflecting on fatherhood's joys and challenges, George recently shared insights during a candid conversation with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America.

"When you have twins and you're raising [them] the same time, the same way, and they're completely different human beings, you realize how little say you have in who they are," George revealed. "You try to give them some boundaries and you try to give them things that you believe in, but they're just different."

The doting father marveled at the distinctive personalities of his children, emphasizing the beauty of their individuality. "They come out with an opinion, and it's amazing to watch how different my kids' personalities are," George remarked, highlighting the fascinating journey of parenthood.