George Clooney Is Marvelous and Maniacal in New Trailer for 'Catch-22'

Take a peek at the WWII-centered project's latest promo.

George Clooney is reinventing an American literary classic with his new project.

On Wednesday, Hulu released its latest trailer for the forthcoming miniseries Catch-22, based on Joseph Heller's acclaimed 1961 novel. The series follows John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott), a U.S. Army Air Forces bombardier during World War II with a serious problem.

He survives bombing missions in the hopes that he will get sent home someday. However, the army continually adds to the number of missions men must survive in order to complete their service. And any attempt he makes to avoid assignments only makes him more eligible to continue flying -- hence the term catch-22.

In the show, Clooney plays Lieutenant Scheisskopf, the commander overseeing the base where Yossarian is stationed. From shot to shot, he's shown brandishing guns, dancing on the tarmac and barking orders at his subordinates.

Although the series explores the madness and violence of war, like the novel, the trailer hints that it also takes a darkly comedic tone when exploring the bureaucratic machinations that are pivotal in conflicts like WWII.

This isn't the first trailer for the show. In February, Hulu released its first look at the project. However, while that promo captured the horrors of war, this new trailer finds the humor in the absurdity of Yossarian's situation.

Catch-22 is Clooney's first time making television since leaving ER in 2000. During a recent joint interview with Variety, Clooney spoke with Abbott about the challenges of heading up a project like this.

"I was exactly your age when ER hit," he told his 33-year-old star mid-interview. "I've recognized a lot of things in Chris that I think are more mature than I had when I was his age, but the one thing where I see real similarity is in the way he can take this in stride and sort of be the captain of the ship. It was a big ship, and he had to be the captain of it. And he did it easily."

Catch-22 arrives on Hulu on May 17.

Check out the new trailer above.


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