Gina Rodriguez Shares the Baby Advice She Would Give Eva Longoria (Exclusive)

Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez at 2018 CDGA
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The actress plays a mom on 'Jane the Virgin' and has a few tips to give the expecting mother.

Gina Rodriguez may not be a mother, but she plays one on TV!

The Jane the Virgin star has been through many motherhood ups and downs as Jane Villanueva on the hit CW series and knows a thing or two about raising a newborn. ET caught up with Rodriguez at the Costume Designers Guild Awards red carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday, where she gushed about finally getting to see Eva Longoria's baby bump.

"Is she super pregnant? I haven't seen her yet!" she excitedly asked. Rodriguez and Longoria are close friends and have worked together on Jane the Virgin. So what advice would she give the expecting mother?

"I can tell her, don't spend too much money on clothes because they grow out of it really fast," Rodriguez told ET. "That's what happens with my nieces and nephews."

She also noted that Longoria shouldn't buy toys for the little ones, explaining, "I go out and I buy my nieces and nephews toys that are so expensive and they play with the box."

"Don't spend money, girl, just don’t spend money," she added. "It’s a waste. Not until they're like 12. You be good, Eva."

Rodriguez, who hosted the CDGA, arrived supporting the Time's Up movement in a custom-made black gown designed by her Jane the Virgin costume designer, Rachel Sage Kunin.

"I was lucky enough to be a part of the beginning fabric of the Time's Up movement. By no way am I the incredible women that are helming the head of it and organizing, but it's necessary for solidarity to create change," Rodriguez explained about why she decided to wear black.

"It's necessary for people to use their power for good and for positive change, and I want to be a part of that always. Whatever it means, I'm going to lend myself to anything that is going to create a more positive, more comfortable, [safer] environment for every woman and man across all industries," she continued. "Because if you only get one life, why not give all of yourself for good?"

Meanwhile, Longoria showed off her growing baby bump at the CDGA red carpet. Rodriguez, along with Kerry Washington, later met up with her backstage, where they admired her burgeoning belly and took some sweet snaps together. 

Watch below to see the pics!