Gloria Trevi Urges Latinx Community to Vote for a President That Promotes Unity (Exclusive)

Gloria Trevi
Getty Images/Ulises Santana/Great Talent Ent.

Gloria Trevi has one clear message for fans -- VOTE! The Mexican icon is urging the Latinx community to register and vote on Nov. 3 for the next president of the United States. The multi-platinum-selling recording artist shares with ET exclusively her sentiments on immigration, discrimination and the importance of mobilizing communities in an effort to "make America united again."

In her own words:

I love this country because it was built on dreams of liberty, equality and justice for all. To flee the violence in one's own country and emigrate in hopes of a better future for you and your family is not an easy decision. You leave so much behind, however, I don’t regret my decision to leave Mexico. 

As a young child, I always dreamt of being famous. And, today, thanks to God, hard work and perseverance, I can say I am. Sure, it would be easy to say that my life has been all roses, but that’s not reality. I came to the United States after having lived a nightmare in Mexico -- my freedom was taken away from me. My country is beautiful with a cultural richness. Its people are the best thing it has to offer. However, my country suffers from a lot of violence stemming from drug trafficking. 

Before moving to the United States, my husband was kidnapped in Mexico. Those were some of the toughest days I ever lived. It was clear then I had to pack my bags and leave in hopes of a better future for my family. 

Unfortunately, the image of Latinos in the U.S. has been tarnished by discrimination and racism. Latinos DO NOT come to this country to take anyone's job. We DO NOT come to steal, we DO NOT bring drugs. We ARE NOT criminals. We come to WORK. We come in search of better opportunities that will help us live and fulfill the American dream. 

Contrary to what some individuals think, Latinos make positive contributions to our communities and society. I am not a burden to this country. I am a business owner, I pay taxes and I provide countless jobs. 

We ALL have contributed a lot to this country and it is time to make OUR voices heard. I urge you to register and vote for someone that believes in unity, not someone who divides us. It’s time to sit down and evaluate each presidential candidate.

I love this country because it was built on dreams of freedom, dreams of equality, dreams of a better future, but it's in our hands to continue fighting for this blessed country that has opened its doors to all of us. It’s our duty to make this country what it's always been: the country where dreams can come true. 

This is my call to EVERYONE -- vote to make America united again.

Con amor, Gloria Trevi.



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