Guillermo del Toro Explains Why He'll Never Make Another Comic-Book Movie (Exclusive)

The acclaimed filmmaker also discusses his new film, 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.'

Guillermo del Toro doesn't intend to return to the world of comic books with any of his upcoming projects.

ET's Ash Crossan sat down with the Oscar-winning director at the Los Angeles press day for Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark on Wednesday, where he shared that, despite his track record in the comic book world, creating films like Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, he plans to stick with his beloved creature features instead going forward.

"I don't think so," he flatly stated when asked about tackling dream comic book projects. "I wanted to do Justice League Dark [with] DC very, very much, but it didn't happen." 

"When I was doing the Hellboy movies or Blade, you know, they were counter to [how] everything was being done," he continued. "And so it was fun to break the rules there, you know, and I try not to do them the way they would've been done by anyone else. I think that Justice League Dark was attractive …because they're all monsters... But I was never a superhero guy. I like monsters."

While on hand, he also discussed his latest project, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, based on the bone-chilling book series, which he produced and has a writing credit. He explained that, when adapting the stories, they had to carefully pick which ones would fit their narrative.

"We did an American Idol," he joked. "We sort of went, 'Who likes which one' and we came back to nine or ten of the stories that everybody wanted to see. And then we said, 'Which ones suit the characters?' You know, the sort of prom queen can get the red spot, the guy that is a very picky eater can get the big toe, and so on and so forth."

While alongside the film's director, Andre Ovredal, at the event, del Toro hinted that they have plenty more material to draw from for a sequel, if it gets the green light.

"Well, if the movie connects, we agree that we would like to collaborate again," he said of himself and Overdal. "And there [are] …hundreds of stories left in the books, so absolutely."

The 54-year-old filmmaker also admitted that he met Ovredal by sliding into his DMs on Twitter!

"Yes! …You know, he followed me so I followed him and I go DM him," he explained. "And I was tweeting about The Autopsy of Jane Doe, which is a movie he directed that I loved! It is so scary … And Trollhunter, his previous movie, was so unique and so brilliant. So I wanted to be pals with the guy, you know."

CBS' Films' Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark creeps its way into theaters on Friday.