Gwen Stefani Celebrates Blake Shelton's Legacy on 'The Voice' Finale

The country star's wife and former fellow coach shared an emotional message on Tuesday 'Voice' finale.

Blake Shelton is saying goodbye to The Voice after 23 seasons, 12 years and nine wins, and his wife, Gwen Stefani, couldn't be more proud!

Gwen couldn't be at the season 23 live finale on Tuesday, but she shared an emotional message for her husband in a pre-taped package.

"Who would have thought that this Orange County girl and this country guy from Oklahoma would find each other on the set of The Voice," Gwen marveled, sharing how meeting and falling in love with Blake changed her life.

"When I first came on the show, our lives were having this parallel destruction happening," she added, referring to their separate divorces, "and then next thing you know, Blake and I start becoming besties, and falling in love."

Gwen even teared up, as she shared what it means to her "to find my soulmate, it's hard for me to even talk about it without getting super emotional." 

And she couldn't help but share a proud message, noting, "The Voice is gonna go on, but Blake's legacy will be there forever."

Gwen's message left Blake grinning ear to ear and he shared with host Carson Daly that he and Gwen were just as surprised by their love story as everyone else.

"At least once a week, we stop and go, 'Can you believe that happened?'" he said with a laugh. "It's been the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my life."

Later in the show, Gwen appeared in another pre-taped package, accepting a very special delivery at the couple's Los Angeles home -- Blake's spinning chair!

The "Sheffani" family won't be away from The Voice stage for too long, as Gwen will be returning as a coach for season 24, leaving open the possibility of Blake returning as a celebrity advisor for his wife's team -- something he previously told ET he wasn't ruling out.

"Oh my god, I'd be honored to be Gwen's mentor," Blake said after the couple's last season together last fall. "Whatever she tells me to do, I'm gonna do."

ET spoke with Blake ahead of last week's live semifinal show, where he opened up about making the decision to leave the competition after 23 seasons and a record-setting nine wins.

"I'm excited. I'm in a good place about this, you know? I don't have any regrets about it," he shared. "I'm definitely going to miss it at times, but it's time."

Ahead of Monday's finale performances, Blake shared what he's looking forward to most about his newfound free time -- which mostly involves plans to relax with Gwen, her three sons and the rest of his family.

"I want to finally have the opportunity to say yes to more stuff in my personal life," he shared, "and not say, 'Let me check,' or just flat-out no."

The Voice will return this fall for season 24.